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August 11th – Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Along the waterfront, there is a beautiful statue of Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel. Dennis thought he’d be funny and pose with them. Check out what he is holding up to Mr. Bell’s ear – I can’t imagine what he would think of all the modern technology!

Photo 49

So, we went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum and it was definitely worthwhile to see. There are many replicas of his inventions as well as a few original pieces. I think Mr. Bell was way ahead of his time! The museum has many interactive objects for kids as well as a few programs. One of the programs was kite flying and we had a good laugh when someone’s kite got all wrapped up in the Canadian flag. The Parks Canada worker had quite the time trying to unravel it! I also noticed a kid fascinated with a rotary dial telephone – it was the same phone that my grandmother had. The kid kept dialling and dialling, (he doesn’t know what he missed!)

Anyway, check out a few pics below.

Photo 50 1


Our only other exciting news was our exit from the town wharf. The wind was blowing us onto the wharf, so the captain untied the bow line and kept the stern line attached to the bollard on the wharf. He told me to turn the wheel hard and then rev the engine but we couldn’t make any headway – we couldn’t get off the dock. Then, he told me to turn the wheel hard the opposite way and then put the engine in reverse while he hung onto the stern line. That seemed to work except for the dinghy bumping along the piers – thump, thump, thump… Oh well, no damage was done and the onlookers had some excitement. Dennis actually took a bow and everyone clapped! (Sigh – he is incorrigible).

BTW – apparently there is a web cam in Baddeck pointing at the wharf. Too bad we didn’t know that earlier because now we are anchored out in a very nice cove. Great swimming! We will be heading back on Thursday though to pick up Mike, Nadine, Marike and Nevé for a sail and swim. They are on their east coast tour for a couple of weeks.

That’s all the news for today. 🙂


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August 9th – Baddeck – Going to a Ceilidh

We went to our first ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) last night in Baddeck and it was tons of fun!  Here is some information on it – click this link:

There were two performers – Donna Marie DeWolfe on the fiddle and Mac Morin on the piano. Mac plays in the Natalie McMaster band. At the ceilidh, we were treated to lots of good music and step dancing. Some brave volunteers learned how to do a dance – kind of like square dancing. The whole thing was very informal and relaxed – as I said, it was lots of fun.

Here are some highlights of the ceilidh.


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August 7th, 8th – Baddeck, Nova Scotia

We anchored out a couple of nights in the Bras d’Or Lakes and it was really nice – kind of like being in the North Channel without the granite! There are all sorts of inlets and islands to anchor and the swimming is really nice. The water is brackish so you can taste the salt but it looks really clean and we don’t have to worry about the tides and other ocean hazards. Below are some pictures of the area. The picture with the boat and the rainbow behind it was taken last night in Baddeck and the rest were taken while we were on our way here.

Photo 49

We had an interesting time in a narrow channel the other day. We watched a huge yacht come toward us and we wondered what they were going to do. Well, the yacht blew his horn and it just about made us jump! We immediately changed our course and avoided “disaster”! Of course, the captain of the Split Crow was not too pleased as he felt that he was in the right, so he decided that he was going to radio the yacht and give him a piece of his mind. So, he radioed over and said, “Nice horn you’ve got there!”. He really told him! 🙂

Here are some pictures of the yacht and of our anchorage near Marble Mountain.

Photo 48

We arrived in Baddeck and picked up a mooring buoy then rowed ashore to Baddeck Marine. We wandered around the town – it is really pretty with lots of restaurants and shops. There are tons of boats here as there is a sailing regatta on. When we got to the wharf, we wondered if anyone could dock there and asked the wharf manager. He said that as long as there was room, we were welcome to tie up so that is what we did.

The last set of pictures is of the happenings on and around the wharf. The Amoeba, a sailing tour boat, is shown coming into the harbour. There are also a bunch of little boats racing around and they are quite interesting to watch. The funniest thing though are the kids that keep jumping off the wharf. One little guy kept saying to his buddy, “Watch this! I’m going to do a 420 and I’ll show you how it’s done!” Then, he would run and jump of the wharf and do a little twirl, splash and come back up and do it again. The two pictures of those kids are not as spectacular as the acrobatics that they did over and over… 🙂

Photo 50


We will probably be here for a few days. We are going to go to the Alexander Graham Bell museum sometime and maybe rent a car to tour the area.

That’s all the news for today!


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