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September 8th, 2015 – Summerside to Souris

We made it safely back to Souris on Sunday. We left Summerside at 6:00 am and thought that we would go to either Wood Islands or head over to Pictou, NS but the weather report for the next day was looking very windy so we kept going until we got into Souris at around 10:00 that night. It was an extremely warm, warm day and the wind didn’t do much for most of the day so it was nice not to be in town where I’m sure we would have roasted. There was enough breeze to keep us cool. We didn’t see much in the way of wildlife except for gannets, seals and a few porpoises so the whole day was just kind of relaxed and uneventful. Here are a few pictures of the sunrise in Summerside, the lighthouse which could have been a scene for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, the Confederation Bridge and the red sandy cliffs of the island.

Summerside to Souris

The sun set at around 8:00 and we knew that we had a couple of hours to go as we really slowed down during the day for some reason. We think it was because we were going against the tide as our speed had dropped to 4.1 SOG (speed over ground) knots and for the rest of the day it had been between 5 – 7. By the time we could see the lights of Souris, it was pretty dark out. We managed to find the right lights for the entrance to the harbour though and slowly made our way in. Here are some pics of the sunset.

sunset souris

Our good friend Dale was there to greet us – thank goodness he was because there was only one slip available for us and we had rigged the boat for the wrong side so Dennis had to back in. Luckily, Dale was able to push the boat off the dock and catch the lines. We went to bed at midnight and slept in until 7:00 – we were pretty tired!

Yesterday, we started getting the boat ready for winter. We cleaned the dinghy (it was disgusting!) and the fenders (they were pretty bad too), took down the jib without too much trouble and brought down some of the canvas. I was very happy that we were safely tied to the dock as the wind was really blowing. I have a picture of the wind metre showing 36 knots but it did go up to 45 at one point. I’m glad Captain Bligh decided to do the trip in one day instead of two as it wouldn’t have been much fun on the water with 3 metre waves and gusts of 50 – 60 kilometres.

We had Dale over for supper and he told us about his adventures. He had headed over to Newfoundland but had a tough time because he either got fogged in or it was too windy or he got caught in rough seas. He says he’s going to try again next summer.

Here are some pics of Dennis eating my mother’s homemade bread – it was delicious – especially toasted, the wind metre, Eric in his car (he’s the guy in charge of the marina), and Eric and Peter. Peter is the man who drives the travel lift.

Our boat came out this morning at 9:00. The marina bought a new travel lift from Parry Sound at Kropf Industries. It’s a huge travel lift and can carry up to 60 tons, so it is a bit of a monster. Peter is still getting used to it and does like it but he said it is really slow. In his words, he said that he could “crawl faster after drinking a quart of Captain Morgan’s”. It did the job though and we were on “the hard” within an hour. Here are some pics – notice the one on the bottom right – that is Dale! 🙂

travel lift


We power washed the boat as it was really dirty after sitting in a marina all summer. Tomorrow, we have to winterize it, take down more canvas and get the mainsail down. We are waiting for less wind for that to occur. We will also put everything in plastic bags and make sure that every cupboard is left open. It gets pretty humid here so we don’t want mould on the boat although I think that is inevitable.

We will head home on Thursday – just a two hour drive now and figure out what we’re doing next summer!


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August 24, 2015 – PEI Earthship House

I am a little late writing about the PEI Earthship house but we did go to the Open House on August 8th and I have to say that I was quite impressed with the unique structure. Jordan Cameron, the owner and builder, built the house out of recycled materials and it was designed for sustainable living. This is the CBC interview:

Here are some pictures of the house. It was very spacious inside and had lots of interesting features. For example, one wall was built with cement and bottles – it looks really neat! I liked the inside garden. It is intended to act as a greenhouse throughout the winter. Jordan also used a lot of glass pieces in his floor and on his countertop, so the whole place looks like a piece of artwork. It was definitely worth the trip to go and see it!

Here are a few pictures of it:





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July 24th – 26th, 2015 – Summerside

We have spent the last week or so moving into our new house here in Summerside, PEI. I do have to say that it is really nice and I am enjoying the view from where I am writing this. Here is a picture of what I see right now:


There is quite a bit of traffic around where we are – not necessarily cars going by but lots of people wandering past, jogging, walking their dogs and on a regular basis, the Segways buzz past our house. Everyone we’ve met has been very nice and very curious too as to what in the world we are doing with this building, so we often have them come in for a quick tour to satisfy their curiousity.

The other day though, a young couple from a small town near Goderich, ON stopped at our place. They were looking for the bike rental shop and it used to be located right beside us. They were so disappointed that they couldn’t rent bikes as they wanted to try the Confederation trail which is about 100 metres away from the house. Dennis decided to lend them our bikes (they’ve just been sitting in the workshop gathering dust – literally) and that made them pretty happy. Of course, I had to get a picture of them for the blog, so here are Andrea and Jordan getting ready to ride the trail!

Jordan and Andrea

The other things that we’ve been doing are going to a lot of music venues. Last week during Lobsterfest, Jimmy Flynn was playing and since we used to go and see him in Halifax many, many years ago, we thought we’d go here in Summerside. He’s got a few new jokes but pretty much the same songs that were lots of fun while hanging out at the Split Crow tavern in Halifax! Here is my Youtube video of him at the Marine Terminal in Summerside.


We also got to see Nathan Wiley play too on July 30th. He is a man of many talents as he was one of the workers who tiled our bathroom and entrance floors as well as put the stonework on our fireplace. Here is a video of him playing:

Finally, we also saw some Acadian fiddling music on July 31st. Peter, Albert and Helen Arsenault and Gary Gallant gave quite a concert! Peter, by the way, also worked on our house for a couple of days – he did some painting and verathaning. Here is a video of them.


So, that’s all the news for today. It’s hard to believe that it is August already – this summer is going way too fast!

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July 22nd, 2015 – Summerside Sidewalk Sale

We applied to be vendors at the Summerside Sidewalk Sale. It was a part of the Lobster Festival and the sale was on Tuesday, July 21st and Wednesday, July 22nd in the downtown area on Water Street.

We met a lot of interesting people throughout the two days but the most interesting were the kids because of the Young Millionaires Program. According to Stephanie, one of the Downtown Summerside employees, kids can apply to receive a $100 grant to start their own business.

The Young Millionaires Program is here to introduce youth to the world of business and entrepreneurship.  We help participants develop basic business and life skills, such as record keeping, customer service, and public speaking.  Successful participants will even receive grant money to start up their very own business!”

There were about 30 kids at the sidewalk sale with their business ideas. My favourite were the boys who made the stilts. I think they were successful because they advertised well by walking up and down the street on the stilts. By the end of the day though, they were looking pretty tired because of the workout! Another good idea one kid had were “Candy Kabobs”. These were very successful and I would have had a picture but we ate ours! Basically, they put soft candies like gummy worms and jujubes on a skewer. Not only did they look attractive but they were easy to eat. Great idea!

I also took a few pictures of a “field springer spaniel” because of Louise in Parry Sound who has one that looks very similar. We had a good laugh over the dog’s smile. Looks quite a bit like Harry!

Here are some pics of the day:

Sidewalk Sale

The other interesting thing was that the lobster trap challenge was cancelled at the marina because of the huge boat that had come in. I happened to walk by at about 4:00 and saw it. Wow! It looked brand new and was very shiny. It was from the Caymen Islands. Sadly, I startled the heron who was fishing for his dinner on the dock but I did manage to get a pretty good shot of him beside the boat.

Big boat and heron

That’s about it for today. We have started moving furniture into the house and the kitchen people will be arriving sometime today to finish the countertop. Then, hopefully the plumber will arrive to set up the sink. The house looks great! (A bit messy right now, but by next week, it should be pretty much in order.)

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July 16th, 2015 – Bike Friday

Dennis often reads a blog called Crazy Guy On A Bike. It is written by hundreds of different cyclists from around the world telling their adventures. Quite often, there are cyclists who ride these folding bikes which are high end but will fit into a suitcase (which then turns into a bike trailer!). There are many different brands but the most popular one is Bike Friday. There are several different places to buy the bikes but sadly there is nothing in Canada. The closest is in New York.

Dennis talks about them a lot and I was curious about them. The other day, a lady drove by on the trail in front of our house and she happened to be riding one, so I stopped her and asked her all about it. She was from Montreal and loves her bike because she rides all over the city and if she needs to take her bike on the bus or keep it in her workspace, she just folds it up and puts it in an Ikea bag.

Today, as we were walking back from the Farmers’ Market (by the way – we will be at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday as vendors) to see our space, we stopped at Samuel’s Coffee House to get coffee. Dennis noticed a tandem Bike Friday. The people were just getting up to leave so I went and talked to them. They were from Australia and had cycled from Montreal, along the Gaspe and were heading to Halifax. Today they were off to the north part of PEI. I think their destination was Alberton. They had ridden this bike quite a bit and really liked it. They said that they could go 60 km an hour down a hill!

They were very interesting people and we would loved to talk more but couldn’t. They mentioned that they had stayed at a Warm Showers  Community house last night.

“This is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink. All members agree to host others either now or in the future, but for some members hosting may be in years or even decades in their future.”

Here is a picture of Ian and Lexie from Australia:

Bike Friday


That’s all the news for today!

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July 10th, 2015 – Emerald Boxcar Pub and Grill

On Friday night, we went to our first PEI ceilidh at the Emerald Boxcar Pub and Grill. The reason we went was because of John Webster. He plays guitar in the band and we know him because of his day job. He works at Royalty Hardwoods and this is where we bought a lot of our wood. We bought the tamarack flooring as well as the white cedar siding and the butcher block top for the island.

When we first met John at Royalty Hardwoods, the first thing that happened was that Dennis tripped over a small pile of wood in the store. John told him that it was a trap so of course we all laughed. He then helped us pick out our wood and was very down to earth and friendly – just the kind of person you know you like immediately. He told us that he played in a band called Fiddlers’ Sons.  We went to the ceilidh where he was playing on Friday night and when I spoke to him during the intermission and told him how much we were enjoying the music he said, “We make quite a racket!”

The following pictures are of John Webster and of our wood that we bought from Royalty Hardwoods. The floor is looking great – just two more coats of varathane to go! The other shot is of the outside. William is putting up the siding and had to strap the exterior walls with lattice first. The big pile of lumber on the deck is the cedar siding we bought from Royalty Hardwoods.flooring

Here is an article on Fiddlers’ Sons from the Journal Pioneer (the local Summerside paper). The band is really good and we thoroughly enjoyed the ceilidh. The two girls step dancing were ages 8 and 12 – pretty amazing dancers!

I recorded some of the ceilidh on my phone – we were sitting near the back, so I didn’t get that great of a video, but you should get the gist of it – very impressive band and we’ll definitely go and listen to them again!


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July 5th, 2015 – Souris and Summerside

We went to the car show yesterday in Brudenell yesterday. It was very interesting with many, many beautiful cars. As compared to last year’s show, there were a lot more cars because there was no hurricane coming our way. Much better attended! Of course, with all the cars to look at, Dennis made a beeline for the only boat, so I had to take his picture!

Car show

After the car show, we went to Souris to the Village Feast. We went with Kim and John Laing who also have a boat in Souris. Kim and I lost a number of euchre games last year to John and Dennis while we were there last year, so we are hoping to get a few more games in this summer.

The Village Feast  “is a non-profit children’s charity based in Souris, Prince Edward Island. It supports local and global initiatives whose goals are to improve the lives of children in our world. Some of the beneficiaries are Farmers helping Farmers which builds school cookhouses in Kenya, Africa, on behalf of Village Feast, the Souris Food Bank, Coats for Kids, and Main Street Family Resource Centre’s Young Mothers cooking classes.”

Michael Smith, the famous chef who lives in PEI, does a lot of volunteer work for the Feast and he also initiated eleven honourary islanders on the stage. Those poor people had to dress up in an “Anne” hat, wear a potato bag, peel a potato, drink moonshine and cordial, shuck an oyster, take the rubber bands off of a lobster and apologize to their fellow inductee on the stage. For this, they each paid $100 that went to the Souris food bank. It was good fun watching them!

When we got back to the boat, we were just relaxing when we heard a series of bangs. It was exactly 10 pm and when we looked out, there were fireworks going off on the commercial dock. We assumed the fireworks were done by the Maritime Fire Chiefs as they were having a conference in Summerside.


That’s about all the news for now. The tilers are working on the bathrooms and William is working on the baseboards. Wilfred the plumber will be here tomorrow to install the baseboard heaters.


July 1st – 4th, 2015 – still in Summerside :)

We are still living on the boat at the marina in Summerside and now that the weather has warmed up, it is much better. I did buy a set of fleece sheets and they have made a big difference. I think I will keep them on all summer while we’re on the boat. Cotton just seems to absorb all the moisture whereas these fleece sheets do not. Now, they are shedding quite a bit even though I washed and dried them on extra hot, so maybe a few more washes might do the trick. I would recommend them, so here is the link.

We spent Canada Day here in Summerside and it was quite nice. There were activities for the kids down at the Green Shores Park which is about a kilometre away if you walk on the boardwalk. There were quite a few bouncy castles and I wondered if they were tied down enough due to the continual winds here on the island, but nothing went wrong, so I guess they were fine.

The fireworks were really good, especially because we just sat out on our deck. There were all sorts of people on the boardwalk and the dock and everyone looked like they were having fun. Allan, from the computer store next door kept us well entertained with his nine grandchildren. They all seemed to have to use the washroom and none at the same time, so he spent most of the night walking back and forth with a different child in tow every few minutes. It was pretty funny!

The house is progressing well and William has the windows all done as well as most of the trim. Next week will be a big week as Chris will be working on tiling the floors and the kitchen is coming on Wednesday. Most of the lights were installed on Thursday and they look really nice.

William thought it might be an idea to put a mantle on the fireplace so here is a picture of the fireplace without a mantle and with a makeshift one (ignore the ladders and envision just the mantle). If you have an opinion, please make a comment! We’re not sure yet what we like better. Here’s the pic:


Other than that, we went for a bike ride today to Kensington. We stopped at all the antique stores along the way. There is so much stuff! I really like the antique wooden crates so I might get one later on. It is a good idea to ride your bike though while shopping for antiques because you can’t carry much. Here are some pictures of last night’s sunset and our bike ride.


That’s about all the news for today.



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June 18th to June 28th, 2015 – Summerside

We have been very busy with the house renovations in the past ten days. We are at the stage where we have to decide on things such as paint, lights, trim, sinks, taps and doors. It’s been interesting researching all of this. Good thing William is knowledgeable and has helped make good decisions.

Big ships come into the harbour during the spring to unload gravel. PEI has no gravel so it all has to come by boat. Once the ship arrives, all the different companies show up with their trucks and haul it away. It is a very efficient process and the ship is usually unloaded within 24 hours. Dennis says that the price of gravel per truckload is the same as we paid in Ontario where the gravel pit was about 10 km away.

Last February during a storm, a City of Summerside snowplow hit the sign that was in the middle of the parking lot and did quite a bit of damage. The sign really was in the middle of the parking lot and I am surprised that more people did not run into it. The city’s insurance paid for the damage so we opted for a sign right on the building for Allan’s business Live Techs. The insurance company also paid to take away the sign in the parking lot but we couldn’t have them do this until we were in Summerside because of the huge cement base. We didn’t want a vehicle driving over the base and wrecking their car. On June 22nd, Sign Station arrived and took the sign away. Yay! If you check on Google Street View, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Dennis rented some machinery to get rid of the cement base. All that is left now is a little pothole. We have arranged for it to be paved over as well as another job near the deck. Check the pictures below.


We went to an old fashioned carnival last Friday afternoon. It was the last day of school so between 4:00 and 7:00, the City planned all sorts of activities for the kids. There were all sorts of old fashioned games and the volunteers were dressed up in period costumes. There was live music playing and treats for everyone. It was a lot of fun!


The fireplace is done. Chris Blaquiere – the Tile Guy – had two of his crew members complete all of the stonework for the fireplace. It looks great! One of the tile workers is also a musician. His name is Nathan Wiley and he used to tour all over Canada opening for Blue Rodeo. He’s back in Summerside full-time now and does beautiful work. He’s a man of many talents. He’s got songs on iTunes, so just search for him there as well as songs on YouTube. Here’s a link to one that I like.


So, that is all the news for now. Canada Day is coming up and I think we have a good location to watch the fireworks. We will see!


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June 15th, 2015 – Charlottetown to Summerside

We managed to get to Summerside this afternoon with very little effort. There wasn’t much wind so we motored the entire way except for a 15 minute stretch when Dennis pulled out the sail. Soon after, the wind puttered out. Nothing much happened on the way down. Once we left the Charlottetown area, we didn’t see anymore lobster pots, so the only thing to contend with was the bridge and it was easy to go under.

The big excitement though occurred last night. Someone was filming a tv series at the marina. It is called Just Passing Through and they were filming an episode for the second season. Here are a couple of pics.

IMG_2300 IMG_2301


Other than that, not much else is new. As I said, we made it safely back to Summerside. The house is progressing well and I will be writing about that soon as we won’t be traveling anywhere for the next while. Here is a picture of us going under the bridge.


This is a picture of the harbour from our new home. The sailboats are out racing tonight.



That’s all the news for today!