July 16th, 2015 – Bike Friday

16 Jul

Dennis often reads a blog called Crazy Guy On A Bike. It is written by hundreds of different cyclists from around the world telling their adventures. Quite often, there are cyclists who ride these folding bikes which are high end but will fit into a suitcase (which then turns into a bike trailer!). There are many different brands but the most popular one is Bike Friday. There are several different places to buy the bikes but sadly there is nothing in Canada. The closest is in New York.

Dennis talks about them a lot and I was curious about them. The other day, a lady drove by on the trail in front of our house and she happened to be riding one, so I stopped her and asked her all about it. She was from Montreal and loves her bike because she rides all over the city and if she needs to take her bike on the bus or keep it in her workspace, she just folds it up and puts it in an Ikea bag.

Today, as we were walking back from the Farmers’ Market (by the way – we will be at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday as vendors) to see our space, we stopped at Samuel’s Coffee House to get coffee. Dennis noticed a tandem Bike Friday. The people were just getting up to leave so I went and talked to them. They were from Australia and had cycled from Montreal, along the Gaspe and were heading to Halifax. Today they were off to the north part of PEI. I think their destination was Alberton. They had ridden this bike quite a bit and really liked it. They said that they could go 60 km an hour down a hill!

They were very interesting people and we would loved to talk more but couldn’t. They mentioned that they had stayed at a Warm Showers  Community house last night.

“This is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink. All members agree to host others either now or in the future, but for some members hosting may be in years or even decades in their future.”

Here is a picture of Ian and Lexie from Australia:

Bike Friday


That’s all the news for today!

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  1. Glen & Joanne

    July 17, 2015 at 7:16 am

    Great links Jane!


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