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July 25 – Colbourg

Well, today was an ok day even though Environment Canada had the wind prediction completely wrong. Not only did they predict the wrong speed but also the wrong direction! Hmm… Oh well, our motoring from Whitby was uneventful and I got lots of stuff done on the boat while we were underway.
We are currently anchored out in the harbour and are enjoying the scenery. Going to a marina has advantages such as lots of water pressure and electricity but an anchorage offers and peace and quiet.

Cobourg is a very pretty little town of about 18000. It was founded by the United Empire Loyalists in 1798. It has many old buildings such as Victoria Hall.
It also has a big boating community and an excellent marina. You can either stay at the marina with all the services or you can tie up on the wall for 85 cents a foot (no services and you are open to the public) or you can anchor (this was $12 but we can use their facilities).
Today, we watched the little kids learn how to sail. Since we are anchored in the middle of the harbour, they sailed around us quite a few times!

Tonight, the big boats all went out for a race. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no wind so we didn’t get to see anything spectacular. This is a picture of a huge 75 foot racing boat. Very $$$!

Tomorrow, we are going through Murray’s Canal and should end up in the Bay of Quinte. Soon we will be in Kingston!

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