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September 8th, 2015 – Summerside to Souris

We made it safely back to Souris on Sunday. We left Summerside at 6:00 am and thought that we would go to either Wood Islands or head over to Pictou, NS but the weather report for the next day was looking very windy so we kept going until we got into Souris at around 10:00 that night. It was an extremely warm, warm day and the wind didn’t do much for most of the day so it was nice not to be in town where I’m sure we would have roasted. There was enough breeze to keep us cool. We didn’t see much in the way of wildlife except for gannets, seals and a few porpoises so the whole day was just kind of relaxed and uneventful. Here are a few pictures of the sunrise in Summerside, the lighthouse which could have been a scene for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, the Confederation Bridge and the red sandy cliffs of the island.

Summerside to Souris

The sun set at around 8:00 and we knew that we had a couple of hours to go as we really slowed down during the day for some reason. We think it was because we were going against the tide as our speed had dropped to 4.1 SOG (speed over ground) knots and for the rest of the day it had been between 5 – 7. By the time we could see the lights of Souris, it was pretty dark out. We managed to find the right lights for the entrance to the harbour though and slowly made our way in. Here are some pics of the sunset.

sunset souris

Our good friend Dale was there to greet us – thank goodness he was because there was only one slip available for us and we had rigged the boat for the wrong side so Dennis had to back in. Luckily, Dale was able to push the boat off the dock and catch the lines. We went to bed at midnight and slept in until 7:00 – we were pretty tired!

Yesterday, we started getting the boat ready for winter. We cleaned the dinghy (it was disgusting!) and the fenders (they were pretty bad too), took down the jib without too much trouble and brought down some of the canvas. I was very happy that we were safely tied to the dock as the wind was really blowing. I have a picture of the wind metre showing 36 knots but it did go up to 45 at one point. I’m glad Captain Bligh decided to do the trip in one day instead of two as it wouldn’t have been much fun on the water with 3 metre waves and gusts of 50 – 60 kilometres.

We had Dale over for supper and he told us about his adventures. He had headed over to Newfoundland but had a tough time because he either got fogged in or it was too windy or he got caught in rough seas. He says he’s going to try again next summer.

Here are some pics of Dennis eating my mother’s homemade bread – it was delicious – especially toasted, the wind metre, Eric in his car (he’s the guy in charge of the marina), and Eric and Peter. Peter is the man who drives the travel lift.

Our boat came out this morning at 9:00. The marina bought a new travel lift from Parry Sound at Kropf Industries. It’s a huge travel lift and can carry up to 60 tons, so it is a bit of a monster. Peter is still getting used to it and does like it but he said it is really slow. In his words, he said that he could “crawl faster after drinking a quart of Captain Morgan’s”. It did the job though and we were on “the hard” within an hour. Here are some pics – notice the one on the bottom right – that is Dale! 🙂

travel lift


We power washed the boat as it was really dirty after sitting in a marina all summer. Tomorrow, we have to winterize it, take down more canvas and get the mainsail down. We are waiting for less wind for that to occur. We will also put everything in plastic bags and make sure that every cupboard is left open. It gets pretty humid here so we don’t want mould on the boat although I think that is inevitable.

We will head home on Thursday – just a two hour drive now and figure out what we’re doing next summer!


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July 9th – Souris to Woods Island Ferry Terminal

July 9th was Nick’s birthday, so we wish him well! Last year, on July 9th, our boat was surrounded by belugas so it was very exciting. If you want to see that video, click this link. This year was not as exciting. We did see a seal popping his head out of the water and a whale taking a couple of breaths but that was about it except for the gannets – which are always entertaining when they dive head first into the water.

We left Souris at about 7:20. John (the guy who was offering advice to his wife while she was up at the top of the mast) was going to help us cast away but he was still in the shower when we decided to leave. Maybe he’ll make a comment and then we can get in touch with him. He and Dennis beat Kim and me in Euchre the other night, so we will definitely have to catch up with them for the rematch…

It was fairly windy when we left Souris – the wind metre said it was 20 knots, which is ok. It went up to 25 for a while and we got quite a spray of salt water all over the boat. Of course, we were motoring right into the wind so it was slow progress. When we rounded Cape Bear (which seems to be PEI’s equivalent to Cape Horn where all the winds meet and create horrible conditions for sailors), the wind went up to 47! Yikes – that was not much fun. We bounced around quite a bit and tested our skills in ensuring that everything was properly stowed. Our big worry is always the dinghy but Dennis had tied it down well. It is tied down even better today (although the wind is only 5) but you never know.

We arrived at the ferry terminal at about 3:00 and tied up to the wall. We did manage to put a small dent in the rub rail (it wasn’t me!) and then went ashore. We checked out what time Crabby’s closed and then I went to see how the ospreys were doing. We then had supper (lobster rolls – excellent!) and met up with David and Joy for an hour then went to bed – we were pretty tired!

Here are some pictures of the osprey nest and of Woods Island. Notice the captain having a nap!

July 9

July 9


That’s all the news for today. I am writing this while we are underway – going to Borden Carleton and anchoring. We should be in Summerside tomorrow sometime.


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July 6th – Souris

So, we survived the storm – Tropical Storm Arthur. It was really windy here in Souris and the power kept going flickering on and off for a while, but we were pretty safe behind the break wall. The wind did change direction though at about 5:00 am so things got a little rough in the marina for a while. But, since we were up, it was ok. Souris did not get much damage but Charlottetown sure did! Three boats sank and judging from the pictures, it looks like there is not much left of the yacht club.

Yesterday, while it was still sunny and nice, we went to the Cardigan car show. It was quite interesting but because of the hurricane, there apparently weren’t as many cars as in previous years. Here is a collage of some cars. Included in the collage is the result of the high winds – I hope that someone wasn’t in it! Dennis is posing beside a car that is identical to one that he used to own. The orange car is his friend David’s.

car show

Today, we basically cleaned up from the storm. There wasn’t too much to do – just cleaned the red PEI sand off of the boat.

The highlight of the day though, was the Village Feast. It is a non profit children’s charity that supports children around the world as well as helping the local food bank. Chef Michael Smith is a big part of it and of course, we had to get his picture with Dennis in his favourite shirt.

The whole event is organized by volunteers and there must have been over 1000 people there. You could get either a lobster dinner, steak dinner or both. I had the lobster and Dennis had the steak – both were excellent!

Part of raising funds for the local food bank at the dinner is an honorary Islander citizenship for $100. Twelve people signed up and were initiated on the stage complete with a potato sack, Anne hat and various tasks including shucking an oyster and peeling a potato. Here are some pictures of the event.

Village Feast

Tomorrow, we do some work on the boat (I am not sure what Captain Bligh has in store) and probably go for a bike ride now that the winds are back to normal!


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June 28th – 30th – Parry Sound to Souris by car

We arrived yesterday (June 29th)  in Souris at about 5:30 after two days of driving. It was good to get out of the car! 

We left Parry Sound at 6:45 am on Saturday, June 28th and drove down the 400 to the 401 East. We got caught in a traffic jam at around Pickering but had a good laugh watching the “bachelorette” car for a few kilometres.Image


We stopped a few times at the On Route highway stops and each one was really busy! I guess half of Ontario was heading to the East Coast. The weather though was great – nice and sunny the whole way. We got the Quebec border without any problems. Since we had come from Toronto instead of Ottawa, we managed to miss Montreal altogether! We just bypassed it and kept to the southern side of the St. Lawrence. I would totally recommend that route since we always, always get lost in Montreal!

We headed along the St. Lawrence and enjoyed the drive. The traffic had thinned out so we were able to be more relaxed. Here is a picture of a farm along the St. Lawrence.


We missed the exit to Levis and ended up crossing the St. Lawrence to Quebec City but luckily the GPS had us very quickly go back over the bridge and find our way. We stayed in Levis overnight and left at 6:00 am on Sunday.

The ride was uneventful – we stopped at the Information booth in  Oromocto, New Brunswick and I got a picture of “Joffrey” on his throne. 



We arrived at Confederation Bridge at around 4:00. Image


Here’s a picture of red soil of PEI!


We got to the boat and started working right away. The tarp had been blown off so there is damage to the bimini. It’s too bad that I didn’t have my sewing machine because I could have patched it. We will have to find a canvas shop. The boat itself was in good shape – just lots of cleaning to do!


So, today and tomorrow, we will be working on the boat and getting it ready to launch! The weather is great and our friends that we met in Rimouski last year have been here for a week – they’re right beside us.




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July 31st – Souris, PEI

Well! We finally were able to leave the “Maggie” Islands (as the PEI marina manger calls them) this morning. Dennis woke up at 4:15 and saw that it was as clear as a bell (yesterday was very foggy until 11:00). By 4:30, the fog rolled in and we could hardly see but Dennis and George were confident that it would clear shortly. (Either that or they really wanted to get off the island!).

So at 5:30, we set off and the fog lifted shortly thereafter.


We said goodbye to our friends from the Wyvern III (sadly the ex Navy boys won our last euchre game). Here are a couple of pictures of them leaving:



I took a picture of the Magdalen Islands as we left.


As we wandered around the marina, Dennis found his dream boat – a 53 foot Bruce Roberts. Guess who’s going to look at it tomorrow? 🙂

The day was uneventful – we motored the whole way and got in to Souris, PEI at 5:00.




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