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July 6th – Souris

So, we survived the storm – Tropical Storm Arthur. It was really windy here in Souris and the power kept going flickering on and off for a while, but we were pretty safe behind the break wall. The wind did change direction though at about 5:00 am so things got a little rough in the marina for a while. But, since we were up, it was ok. Souris did not get much damage but Charlottetown sure did! Three boats sank and judging from the pictures, it looks like there is not much left of the yacht club.

Yesterday, while it was still sunny and nice, we went to the Cardigan car show. It was quite interesting but because of the hurricane, there apparently weren’t as many cars as in previous years. Here is a collage of some cars. Included in the collage is the result of the high winds – I hope that someone wasn’t in it! Dennis is posing beside a car that is identical to one that he used to own. The orange car is his friend David’s.

car show

Today, we basically cleaned up from the storm. There wasn’t too much to do – just cleaned the red PEI sand off of the boat.

The highlight of the day though, was the Village Feast. It is a non profit children’s charity that supports children around the world as well as helping the local food bank. Chef Michael Smith is a big part of it and of course, we had to get his picture with Dennis in his favourite shirt.

The whole event is organized by volunteers and there must have been over 1000 people there. You could get either a lobster dinner, steak dinner or both. I had the lobster and Dennis had the steak – both were excellent!

Part of raising funds for the local food bank at the dinner is an honorary Islander citizenship for $100. Twelve people signed up and were initiated on the stage complete with a potato sack, Anne hat and various tasks including shucking an oyster and peeling a potato. Here are some pictures of the event.

Village Feast

Tomorrow, we do some work on the boat (I am not sure what Captain Bligh has in store) and probably go for a bike ride now that the winds are back to normal!


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