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July 24 – Whitby

Well, another safe passage – this time from Toronto to Whitby. As usual, the Toronto harbour was totally busy – the business people were flying in at a great rate on Porter Airways. Here is a shot of a plane coming in right overhead of us.


We sailed the whole way and it was quite nice. A good steady wind down the coast of Lake Ontario so now can officially say that we have sailed in all the great lakes.


I have nothing to report except that we had a few hundred (maybe I’m exaggerating) unwanted passengers onboard to Whitby. Houseflies that were very smart. Usually I just vacuum them up but these creatures were too fast, so we had to get rid of them the hard way and it was not too much fun. I think that insects will take over the world because there certainly are a lot of them – much more than necessary, in my opinion. They are all gone now though, so my breakdown has been averted (I hate bugs!).

Phil and Susie and coming for a visit tonight and then tomorrow, we are going to Cobourg.

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