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June 9 – Regatta Bay

After leaving Killbear Park this morning, we started motoring over to Regatta Bay but within half an hour, the fog descended upon us so we decided to drop the anchor at The Pancakes. We hadn’t been there since Nick was a little kid and we had Hetarae. It really hasn’t changed much – water, rocks, trees, water, rocks, trees… We did manage to find Nick’s birthday present – see below for a picture!
After the fog lifted, we headed over to the backside of Regatta Bay. Since the weather was good, no winds and a bright sky, we took a chance and got in – it has a long narrow entrance with ledges of Georgian Bay rock jutting out all over. Very spectacular to look at but pretty scary when navigating in a boat. I was on the bow and actually was somewhat helpful, watching for rocks and signaling to Dennis.
We made it in safely and are we ever glad we came here – this is my new favourite anchorage. The rocks are amazing – wild formations of pink and gray granite. The pine trees are all bent and crooked and there are lots of birds flying and diving around. Best of all though, nobody is here!
We will head home tomorrow but the temperature is supposed to be 30 degrees so we won’t be in any rush. It’s too bad that there was a snowstorm in Canmore, Alberta today – it sure is nice here!







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June 8th – Killbear Park

Well, I am trying out publishing using the iPad so please excuse the pictures – I wanted to see where they would fit in.
We stayed on the boat last night at Bob’s Point Marina even though it was a Thursday and I had to work today. It was nice though, I walked to work and back to the boat. Got lots of exercise so that was good.
We headed out after school at around 4:00 and are now anchored at Killbear Park. It is very quiet – only two boats in the anchorage.
We went for a swim but it was very cold. The water is only 19 degrees which is very refreshing.
Now we are just hanging out in the cockpit watching the sun go down. Dennis is actually using the iPad. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get him hooked on it and then we won’t have to bring his computer when we go for the summer.
Tomorrow we are off to the back side of Regatta Bay. We’ve never been to this anchorage but the water is so low, we can’t get into the regular anchorage. Too bad because I wanted to see if the giant turtle made it through the winter.
More to follow…




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