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July 24th – 26th, 2015 – Summerside

We have spent the last week or so moving into our new house here in Summerside, PEI. I do have to say that it is really nice and I am enjoying the view from where I am writing this. Here is a picture of what I see right now:


There is quite a bit of traffic around where we are – not necessarily cars going by but lots of people wandering past, jogging, walking their dogs and on a regular basis, the Segways buzz past our house. Everyone we’ve met has been very nice and very curious too as to what in the world we are doing with this building, so we often have them come in for a quick tour to satisfy their curiousity.

The other day though, a young couple from a small town near Goderich, ON stopped at our place. They were looking for the bike rental shop and it used to be located right beside us. They were so disappointed that they couldn’t rent bikes as they wanted to try the Confederation trail which is about 100 metres away from the house. Dennis decided to lend them our bikes (they’ve just been sitting in the workshop gathering dust – literally) and that made them pretty happy. Of course, I had to get a picture of them for the blog, so here are Andrea and Jordan getting ready to ride the trail!

Jordan and Andrea

The other things that we’ve been doing are going to a lot of music venues. Last week during Lobsterfest, Jimmy Flynn was playing and since we used to go and see him in Halifax many, many years ago, we thought we’d go here in Summerside. He’s got a few new jokes but pretty much the same songs that were lots of fun while hanging out at the Split Crow tavern in Halifax! Here is my Youtube video of him at the Marine Terminal in Summerside.


We also got to see Nathan Wiley play too on July 30th. He is a man of many talents as he was one of the workers who tiled our bathroom and entrance floors as well as put the stonework on our fireplace. Here is a video of him playing:

Finally, we also saw some Acadian fiddling music on July 31st. Peter, Albert and Helen Arsenault and Gary Gallant gave quite a concert! Peter, by the way, also worked on our house for a couple of days – he did some painting and verathaning. Here is a video of them.


So, that’s all the news for today. It’s hard to believe that it is August already – this summer is going way too fast!

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Summerside – July 19th to July 22nd

In case you haven’t noticed, we are still in Summerside and will most likely be here for another few days. This is good news because we have certainly been able to amuse ourselves easily! First of all, the Silver Fox Marina is located right downtown. It is a great marina with excellent staff and clean facilities. Everything is within walking distance – grocery store, pharmacy, post office, and the downtown which has quite a few shops and services. As a matter of fact, Summerside is trying something new this year and has closed off a block of the main street to traffic and turned it into a place for artists. Here is an article from the CBC on that. We’ve had lots of fun watching the artists, musicians and dancers.

We have met quite a few people here but one lady stands out because she is a descendent of Lucy Maud Montgomery! Cora-Lee Dunbar is the owner of ABI Business Services and we had the opportunity to talk to her. She was a very interesting lady, knowledgeable and lots of fun (a perfect combination!). Anyway, once I heard that she was related to Lucy Maud Montgomery, I had to take her picture and she also told us that her daughter won the Anne of Green Gables look alike contest! Cora-Lee sent me the photos of her daughter dressed as Anne. I can certainly see her winning the contest! July 24

We’ve also seen quite a few interesting dogs. We met Flora the dog at the Farmers’ Market last Saturday. We were finished shopping and were sitting at a picnic table when a lady came up to us and asked us to hold her dog as she didn’t want to leave her in her car (it was a very warm morning). We were happy to help and enjoyed Flora’s company for a few minutes (she was a very nice dog, by the way).

The second dog that we keep seeing was driving around in a car and I couldn’t resist taking his picture. We don’t know anything about him but we keep seeing him around and looks like a friendly fellow.

The third dog was a standard poodle named Harvey. Harvey is on a sailboat and was from Duluth. We talked to the boat owners and Harvey for quite some time and compared travel notes. They had stopped in Parry Sound on their trip. It was good to hear that they enjoyed it very much.

So, here are a few pictures…That’s all the news for today!

July 24



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Summerside – July 16th – 17th

We’re still in Summerside and will most likely be here for a few more days. Eventually, we will be sailing to Pugwash. In the meantime though, we have been able to amuse ourselves very well!

We went to the Summerside Harness Racing track the other night – Red Shores. We had never been to a racetrack before and I’m sure it was quite obvious! However, a couple of kind young ladies happily took our money for our bets and helped us figure out how it all worked. We bought the racing program and I picked out a horse to win based on its name. So, I placed a $2.00 bet. Dennis picked out a horse too (I’m not sure what his method was) but he placed three $2.00 bets – win, place and show. Needless to say, my method paid off and my horse won in the first race! So, I went back to see the young ladies and they had a great laugh as my winnings were $2.30.

Since my betting method proved immediately successful, I repeated this four more times and won three of the five races. In one race though, my horse came dead last and of course Dennis thought this was hilarious! Overall, I came out ahead. I spent $10 on five races and earned about $8 in profit. Dennis lost overall, but he still had lots of fun. Perhaps, he will adopt my selection method in the future! Here is a picture of one of my winning horses as well as them in action.

July 16

We walked over to Credit Union Place which was right next door. This is a HUGE fitness facility. Unbelievable! Included in the building is a swimming pool for doing laps, another pool with a waterside, a hot tub, steam room and sauna. There is a bowling alley, a fitness room with tons of equipment, two racquetball courts. There is also an indoor stadium which has an ice surface in the winter. The stadium has seating for 5000! Gordon Lightfoot played there in May. At the top of the stadium is a walking/running track. Apparently, there is another ice surface somewhere else in the building. Here’s the good thing – if you want to use any of the facilities, you can buy daily tickets or a monthly membership for $35 (senior rate 55+) ($45 adult). The bowling alley is extra but pretty much everything else is included. Here are some pictures of CUP.

July 17


That’s all the news for today – my parents made it and are staying at Linkletter Provincial Park in their RV for the next few days. We’re going on a walking tour today.


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August 8th – Summerside

Today was a bit of an exciting day – no disasters for us, but for these people who were coming in on their sailboat. They were entering the marina with their outboard motor running when somehow it fell into the water. They weren’t able to control their boat and Dennis could hear some lady yelling for help. He jumped off of our boat and somehow got the boat safely to the dock! When I arrived on the scene, he was busy pulling the motor out of the water and explaining to the people that the exact thing happened to his dad many years ago.


Summerside has excellent cycling – you can go for nice long rides on quiet paved roads or go on the Confederation Trail. I would totally recommend this area for cycling – lots to see and the hills are not very big. (They do have hills, just not the Rockies!)

We checked out the local art gallery and a beautiful display of hooked rugs was on. I can’t imagine how many hundreds of hours it must take to make one of these rugs. Here are a few pictures:




We wandered around town today – the waterfront is quite nice. Didn’t buy anything though. We are still not sure if we are leaving tomorrow or not as the weather is not looking that great. Here are a couple of pictures of the waterfront.



We went up the lighthouse and I got a good shot of the boat in the marina. If you look closely, you’ll see Dennis talking ;).



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August 7th, 8th

We were happy to leave Borden and sail under the Confederation Bridge yesterday. Here are a couple of more pictures of it.



It only took a couple of hours to get to Summerside – I would totally recommend this place as the marina is very clean and has all the services (such as electricity and water hookups). Also, the grocery store and propane filling station is within walking distance.

Summerside is very pretty – there is a long boardwalk along the water’s edge that goes for about five kilometres. There is also a bike path and of course, there is the Confederation Trail – the old railway bed that has been turned into a cycling route. It is gravel but very nice. I went for a big bike ride on it yesterday in one direction and then came back on a paved farm road.

We went out for supper last night as it was our 27th anniversary and we each had the lobster dinner. Seafood is definitely agreeing with me although it was a lot of work cracking the shell open.

We are staying here today and possibly heading out tomorrow back towards Wood Islands ferry dock. It will be a long day but we are skipping anchoring at Borden – too smelly there! Plus at the Wood Islands ferry dock, we can go to Crabby’s again and also see how the ospreys are doing.

Anyway, all is good – it is a beautiful day so I better get on the bike again!

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