Summerside – July 16th – 17th

18 Jul

We’re still in Summerside and will most likely be here for a few more days. Eventually, we will be sailing to Pugwash. In the meantime though, we have been able to amuse ourselves very well!

We went to the Summerside Harness Racing track the other night – Red Shores. We had never been to a racetrack before and I’m sure it was quite obvious! However, a couple of kind young ladies happily took our money for our bets and helped us figure out how it all worked. We bought the racing program and I picked out a horse to win based on its name. So, I placed a $2.00 bet. Dennis picked out a horse too (I’m not sure what his method was) but he placed three $2.00 bets – win, place and show. Needless to say, my method paid off and my horse won in the first race! So, I went back to see the young ladies and they had a great laugh as my winnings were $2.30.

Since my betting method proved immediately successful, I repeated this four more times and won three of the five races. In one race though, my horse came dead last and of course Dennis thought this was hilarious! Overall, I came out ahead. I spent $10 on five races and earned about $8 in profit. Dennis lost overall, but he still had lots of fun. Perhaps, he will adopt my selection method in the future! Here is a picture of one of my winning horses as well as them in action.

July 16

We walked over to Credit Union Place which was right next door. This is a HUGE fitness facility. Unbelievable! Included in the building is a swimming pool for doing laps, another pool with a waterside, a hot tub, steam room and sauna. There is a bowling alley, a fitness room with tons of equipment, two racquetball courts. There is also an indoor stadium which has an ice surface in the winter. The stadium has seating for 5000! Gordon Lightfoot played there in May. At the top of the stadium is a walking/running track. Apparently, there is another ice surface somewhere else in the building. Here’s the good thing – if you want to use any of the facilities, you can buy daily tickets or a monthly membership for $35 (senior rate 55+) ($45 adult). The bowling alley is extra but pretty much everything else is included. Here are some pictures of CUP.

July 17


That’s all the news for today – my parents made it and are staying at Linkletter Provincial Park in their RV for the next few days. We’re going on a walking tour today.


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2 responses to “Summerside – July 16th – 17th

  1. fergusontilson

    July 18, 2014 at 7:51 am

    So to supplement your retirement income you can bet on horse races! Great plan!

  2. Wezie

    July 18, 2014 at 11:01 am

    Nice looking horse. I hope a bathroom break (for the horse) is mandatory before harnessing up otherwise the guy “driving” is in a very bad spot. Go crazy with your winnings – maybe a new beret for Dennis and something pretty for yourself.
    A beautiful weekend coming up for our Art in the Park.


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