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August 2nd – Wood Islands

Yes, it is a miracle! We finally left Summerside this morning. During the entire three weeks that we were in Summerside, the winds were very strong almost every single day. Even the local people kept saying that the strong winds were very unusual. So, we left this morning at 7:00, motored under the bridge and then pulled out the sails. Within an hour, the wind had died completely! So, the sails had their debut and are now back where they will most likely stay for a while…

Needless to say, it was an uneventful day. We spotted a few seals and one whale (we think). We did have a passenger – a beautiful dragonfly which is still hanging on to the canvas. I’m not sure if it’s sleeping.

We amused ourselves today by playing the new musical instrument – the strumstick. It is really easy to play – no wrong notes. In the pictures below, you’ll see it. You can also see Dennis whaling away on his traveller’s guitar. I have to say that a boat is a great place to practice – nobody can hear you!

Of course, upon docking at Wood Islands, we went over for our lobster rolls at Crabby’s. They were delicious! And I had to go and see how the ospreys were doing. They have really grown since we were here last. I didn’t get to see them fly but maybe next time when we stop in.

So, I don’t have any other news. We are off to Ballantyne’s Cove tomorrow.

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July 30th – Out and About in Summerside

As I keep saying, we will eventually be leaving Summerside, but in the meantime, we’ve still been having lots of fun! Yesterday was a great day for boats coming into the marina – there are some huge boats docked and Dennis is enjoying talking to everyone – a whole new set of people for him to tell his stories to! One of the boats is really quite big and its anchor goes right over the dock, so I had to take a picture of Dennis underneath it. I was hoping that the anchor was well secured!

One of the marina people that we’ve met over the past couple of weeks is a lady who owns a beautiful 42.5 foot Bruce Roberts. She and her husband bought the hull a few years ago and then finished the rest of the boat in their back yard. Due to a change of circumstances, Donna is selling the boat and found a buyer last week. So, in the collage below, you’ll see a couple of pictures of the boat under sail. It is a beautiful boat and the craftsmanship is excellent – I know the new owners (five sisters from Charlottetown) will love it!

The other two pictures are of a couple of dogs that are not exactly too beautiful but I couldn’t resist taking their pictures. Since we’ve been here, we have been walking the boardwalk along the ocean every night and have met quite a few people with their dogs.

Photo 44 2

The other bit of news is that at the Summerside music store (it is excellent, by the way) I saw some really interesting instruments in the store and asked the clerk what they were. She took one down (it is called a Strumstick) and demonstrated how it is played. Here is a video of her demo – she’s really good!

So, after some pondering, we bought one (with the instructional CD) and hope to learn how to play it. Someone on the dock asked what it was and I mentioned that I was going to sell my mandolin (it really wasn’t working for me) so he bought it and now I have a strumstick which is relatively easy to play!

That’s all the news for now. 🙂

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