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Uncovering The Split Crow – Happy Easter!

Check out the trees in the background - early spring, so it will be a while before the boat is launched.

So, the weather has been quite cooperative this spring and yesterday, Dennis drove out to the boat to uncover it. I rode my bike out (42 km) and managed to arrive just as he was finishing so that was very good timing on my part! The only thing I had to do was help fold up the tarps, so that was great!

We aren’t actually putting the boat in the water until the May long weekend. It is way in the back of the yard at Killbear Marina, so it will be one of the last to go in the water. We’re in no rush though, since we really can’t go anywhere until June 29th when I am finished work.

The boat is in good shape – there’s not much to buy except for some cockpit cushions and I emailed regarding those, so hopefully we’ll get them in the next few weeks. We have to order a split cable for shore power – for the air conditioning. I know that sounds spoiled but we will be in southern Ontario for most of the summer where the temperature is often in the upper 30s for days on end – not to mention the humidity! So, if nothing else, at least we’ll be comfortable at night as we will be spending most of our time at marinas. Next summer will be totally different since we’ll be on the St. Lawrence (we hope to get as far as Quebec City this summer) and apparently it is often cold and foggy on the Gaspe.

Anyway, things are progressing as planned and we are looking forward to summer. I did check the Nexus wind instrument and it is actually working still! That’s a sign that things are looking up!

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