August 8th – Summerside

08 Aug

Today was a bit of an exciting day – no disasters for us, but for these people who were coming in on their sailboat. They were entering the marina with their outboard motor running when somehow it fell into the water. They weren’t able to control their boat and Dennis could hear some lady yelling for help. He jumped off of our boat and somehow got the boat safely to the dock! When I arrived on the scene, he was busy pulling the motor out of the water and explaining to the people that the exact thing happened to his dad many years ago.


Summerside has excellent cycling – you can go for nice long rides on quiet paved roads or go on the Confederation Trail. I would totally recommend this area for cycling – lots to see and the hills are not very big. (They do have hills, just not the Rockies!)

We checked out the local art gallery and a beautiful display of hooked rugs was on. I can’t imagine how many hundreds of hours it must take to make one of these rugs. Here are a few pictures:




We wandered around town today – the waterfront is quite nice. Didn’t buy anything though. We are still not sure if we are leaving tomorrow or not as the weather is not looking that great. Here are a couple of pictures of the waterfront.



We went up the lighthouse and I got a good shot of the boat in the marina. If you look closely, you’ll see Dennis talking ;).



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2 responses to “August 8th – Summerside

  1. velma

    August 8, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Beautiful pictures, Jane. It’s a great area, very picturesque!

  2. Amy Q

    August 9, 2013 at 8:35 am

    And did you notice that Summerside is sister city to Parry Sound?


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