July 10th, 2015 – Emerald Boxcar Pub and Grill

12 Jul

On Friday night, we went to our first PEI ceilidh at the Emerald Boxcar Pub and Grill. The reason we went was because of John Webster. He plays guitar in the band and we know him because of his day job. He works at Royalty Hardwoods and this is where we bought a lot of our wood. We bought the tamarack flooring as well as the white cedar siding and the butcher block top for the island.

When we first met John at Royalty Hardwoods, the first thing that happened was that Dennis tripped over a small pile of wood in the store. John told him that it was a trap so of course we all laughed. He then helped us pick out our wood and was very down to earth and friendly – just the kind of person you know you like immediately. He told us that he played in a band called Fiddlers’ Sons.  We went to the ceilidh where he was playing on Friday night and when I spoke to him during the intermission and told him how much we were enjoying the music he said, “We make quite a racket!”

The following pictures are of John Webster and of our wood that we bought from Royalty Hardwoods. The floor is looking great – just two more coats of varathane to go! The other shot is of the outside. William is putting up the siding and had to strap the exterior walls with lattice first. The big pile of lumber on the deck is the cedar siding we bought from Royalty Hardwoods.flooring

Here is an article on Fiddlers’ Sons from the Journal Pioneer (the local Summerside paper). The band is really good and we thoroughly enjoyed the ceilidh. The two girls step dancing were ages 8 and 12 – pretty amazing dancers!

I recorded some of the ceilidh on my phone – we were sitting near the back, so I didn’t get that great of a video, but you should get the gist of it – very impressive band and we’ll definitely go and listen to them again!


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