June 15th, 2015 – Charlottetown to Summerside

15 Jun

We managed to get to Summerside this afternoon with very little effort. There wasn’t much wind so we motored the entire way except for a 15 minute stretch when Dennis pulled out the sail. Soon after, the wind puttered out. Nothing much happened on the way down. Once we left the Charlottetown area, we didn’t see anymore lobster pots, so the only thing to contend with was the bridge and it was easy to go under.

The big excitement though occurred last night. Someone was filming a tv series at the marina. It is called Just Passing Through and they were filming an episode for the second season. Here are a couple of pics.

IMG_2300 IMG_2301


Other than that, not much else is new. As I said, we made it safely back to Summerside. The house is progressing well and I will be writing about that soon as we won’t be traveling anywhere for the next while. Here is a picture of us going under the bridge.


This is a picture of the harbour from our new home. The sailboats are out racing tonight.



That’s all the news for today!


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