August 24, 2015 – PEI Earthship House

24 Aug

I am a little late writing about the PEI Earthship house but we did go to the Open House on August 8th and I have to say that I was quite impressed with the unique structure. Jordan Cameron, the owner and builder, built the house out of recycled materials and it was designed for sustainable living. This is the CBC interview:

Here are some pictures of the house. It was very spacious inside and had lots of interesting features. For example, one wall was built with cement and bottles – it looks really neat! I liked the inside garden. It is intended to act as a greenhouse throughout the winter. Jordan also used a lot of glass pieces in his floor and on his countertop, so the whole place looks like a piece of artwork. It was definitely worth the trip to go and see it!

Here are a few pictures of it:





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