July 5th and 6th – Little Current to Clapperton Island

06 Jul

We arrived in Little Current uneventfully – no spectacular crashes onto the dock or smashing into other boats. Things are going our way. Little Current was not busy at all. There were only a few boats in the marina. I went jogging and checked out the sights. Nothing had changed from last year. Dennis wandered around town looking for a few spare parts for the boat. It was a very hot day!
In the afternoon, three powerboats moved over from the wall to the slips near us. They settled in and one of the boaters played the American National Anthem very loudly. I thought that was a bit odd considering it was July 5th – Independence Day had already come and gone and he was in another country. Oh well, we endured it as it only lasted a few minutes.
Nothing exciting happened in Little Current (which is a good thing). I did discover though, that in order to get cell service, I kept having to walk up to the top of the hill. Doing that plus my jog, kept me busy.
This morning, at 8:00, a cruise ship arrived. Wow! It was huge! It was able to dock without any difficulty too – especially with Wally (the local dock service guy – fuel, pump outs, water, fishing gear) catching the lines and taking charge. It was an interesting sight.
We headed out to The Benjamins but decided to go to Clapperton Island instead. There’s nobody here – we’ve got the place to ourselves. Dennis keeps diving down to check the anchor and says that we have moved fifty feet, so we may have to re-anchor the boat. I went kayaking for an hour around the bay. The weather is beautiful – very warm and the water is perfect for swimming!
Tomorrow, we’ll head over to The Benjamins.

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