Mackinac Island to Harbor Island July 14 – 15

15 Jul

We left Petoskey VERY early on Wednesday morning because we had to go quite a distance (50 miles which is a lot on a sailboat). The day was uneventful and we arrived on Mackinac safely even though we had to dodge the ferries and the huge wakes that they left. I immediately went downtown and spotted an identical T shirt that I bought in Petoskey the day before for $5.00. It was $22.95 on Mackinac! The Mackinac markup, I guess, was working overtime!
I only shopped for a few minutes – there were many people all walking at a snail’s pace, eating waffle cones or fudge, and that smell combined with horse manure was overpowering. I decided to go bike riding instead and cycled around the island three times (I know – slacking in my old age). Dennis kept himself entertained by visiting with the people we are traveling with (they have a much bigger boat!).
We were happy to go to Mackinac Island but also happy to leave. The ferry traffic kept our boat bobbing up and down constantly, and the cannons going off made the island a very busy place! The showers though, I am happy to report, were clean, high flow, fairly hot water, but you had to push a button to get the water. In all though, they did the job.
This morning, we motored all the way to Harbor Island near Drummond Island. It was uneventful except for the attempted rescue of the white bucket. Dennis was cleaning the deck and somehow dropped the bucket overboard. We tried to get it, I made two passes around it, got very close but by the time we made our second pass, the bucket was submerged four feet. I assume that it sunk to the bottom of Lake Huron.
Our troubles with the wind meter continue to plague us – either that or the wind speed has been zero for the past week! I guess we’ll have to try to get our money back from Fogh Marine – that will make for an interesting discussion I’m sure!
We are anchored out tonight on Harbor Island and are really enjoying the peace and quiet. Marinas are fine for a night or two, but anchoring is much nicer. I went kayaking for a while and then we went snorkeling. There wasn’t much to see but the water is warm.
Tomorrow, we are headed off for Blind River. We have to replace the bucket!

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