July 18 – Gore Bay

18 Jul

Remember to check the Old Pink post – it was updated today. It took a bath!

For the first time on the trip, it is raining. That is actually a good thing because we stayed an extra day and toured around. We got a ride from an elderly gentleman – Bill – who took us to Kagawong. We checked out the Bridal Veil Falls. The falls does not have as much water as it used to but it was still fun to go in. The town of Kagawong has made a lot of improvements – there is a new staircase, which is very well built, to get down to the falls. There is also a walking path that will take you back to Kagawong if you choose.

We toured the village and then Bill took us out to the lookout via a road that was closed, but we went anyway – it was somewhat bumpy but we did manage to get through to the other side. Bill was a good guide though and knew a lot of history of Manitoulin Island. We were also treated to a drive-by of the former Gore Bay turkey processing plant which has been converted into a funeral home.

Dennis bought a very tiny folding bike and he drove around town for a while. It is kind of cool – it comes in a duffle bag. I tried it and if you are just interested in bombing around, it is great! Obviously my bike is much better for going any distance but it is really not that handy for driving around town. Surprisingly, I haven’t used the bike much since I discovered jogging. It is certainly not as fun to jog, but you get a better workout in a shorter period of time, so for me, an hour’s run is equivalent to a two hour bike ride. I haven’t mastered the art of getting a good swim workout yet, so that is next.

Dennis met up with a couple from Goderich, Ontario who live on their homemade trawler full time. They winter in Goderich and spend the summers in Gore Bay. I can’t imagine enjoying a real winter on a boat but they seem quite happy. I was hoping to wrangle an invitation onto the boat, but the captain is sleeping (it’s raining so he may as well…).

We are going to watch a movie tonight – The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo – I unfortunately downloaded the Swedish version with English subtitles, so it might not be that great!

Here are a few photos of Bridal Veil Falls and Gore Bay.

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One response to “July 18 – Gore Bay

  1. glen & jo

    July 19, 2010 at 8:14 am

    Bridal Veil might have been wetter after the rain!
    Is old pink dry yet? Ready for his/it’s next appearance?
    How did the ‘Svedish’ movie turn out?


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