Shawanaga Inlet

03 Aug

We stopped off in Parry Sound for a couple of days and enjoyed our visit. However, we were happy to get underway again as the train, tour boat, airplane, and 4000 boats running back and forth in the harbour, got to be a bit much! Plus our boat, at the water line, was filthy for the first time this summer. Dennis had to scrub it off (I did two feet of it and gave up…)

We are now at a very nice anchorage at Shawanaga Inlet. It is very quiet and more what we like. We did some swimming, fishing, kayaking, and now Dennis is taking a nap (maybe he’s tired from all that scrubbing!).

Tomorrow, we will head up to Britt and stay overnight there and then off to Killarney one more time. It is surprising how quickly the summer has gone by. We are finally in a nice routine and getting used to the boat, and we’ll have to leave soon. Oh well, we met a couple of people who only have two weeks holiday, so I shouldn’t be complaining!

Tonight we are going to keep our eyes out for the Northern Lights. Apparently, there is a solar sunburst (click this link for the details) and we should be able to see the Northern Lights. Cool!

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Posted by on August 3, 2010 in Sailing in Georgian Bay


One response to “Shawanaga Inlet

  1. glen & jo

    August 5, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    ‘Big Brother’ is still watching! We missed the Northern lights due to cloud cover but visited 5 of the Waubamic bears yesterday. Honda is safely home. Phil, Jody and ?? are all fine. Cocktail cruise on Chippawa 111 Fri nite with ‘The Red Canoe'[Dave B et al]. Kath & Bob here Sat for K’s b’day. T storms this eve? Batten yer hatches and say Hi to Jim at the Little Britt! TTFN


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