July 4 – Cape Croker

04 Jul

We left Killbear this morning at about 6:30 and motored out to Red Rock. From there we sailed until 1:00 – we were actually doing 6 knots (for us that is good). The wind died down and we motored the rest of the way – very uneventful. We arrived at our anchorage at about 3:30 and as soon as we were anchored, Dennis took down the kayak for me and the dinghy for him. It seems odd to drive around all day on a big boat and then drive around some more on a little boat, but we wanted to do some exploring and see the shipwreck. I also wanted to get my 5 km in on the kayak and did it in less than an hour but it was a great workout! I would highly recommend the Hobie Cat Mirage – it is a peddling/paddling kayak – so you can exercise both your arms and your legs.

I probably did not get as much exercise as the two boys, Gubby and DJ, who paddled all the way from shore on an inner tube. They were just having fun and wanted to see the boats in the anchorage. They paddled way over to the other side of the anchorage and the water temperature wasn’t even 20 degrees. They were in the water for almost an hour while Dennis and I just dipped in and out!

We are heading to Wingfield Basin tomorrow – the weather is supposed to change soon – no more sunny skies for a couple of days.

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