Tobermory – July 6th

06 Jul

We left Wingfield Basin this morning at 6:45 and had an uneventful trip until the dinghy ripped loose. One of the metal pieces that holds it to the davits, broke so Dennis had to go on a rescue mission. I slowed the boat down while he wrestled with the lines that were still attached. He had to cut one line with his Swiss army knife (fancy having one of those handy!) and then was able to untie the rest of the lines (except one – ha!). He then tied the dinghy to the big boat and we towed it the rest of the way. This rescue mission was much more low key than some of the other times we had lost a dinghy – thank goodness!

We circled around the Tobermory harbour for a few minute until they found a spot for us – right on the wall – and we immediately became a tourist attraction, so we had to be on our best behaviour! We went grocery shopping and then I went for a big bike ride down Hwy 6. It has a paved shoulder and it wasn’t very busy, so it was a good ride on my full sized folding bike. Dennis, meanwhile, cleaned the bugs off the boat and answered many questions.

We had supper at The Crow’s Nest and then went back to the boat. I am relaxing down below while Dennis fends off more questions (do not feel sorry for him – he loves this!). Everyone is nice though and there are a lot of people from different parts of the world – lots of different languages being spoken.

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One response to “Tobermory – July 6th

  1. Diane Henderson

    July 6, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Well you did better with your dingy than a friend of mine did with hers. They rented a houseboat and went through the Trent Canal with their 3 kids – the 2 boys were always fighting so they put them in the dingy and kept motoring – didn’t notice the rope broke for quite awhile (ha!).


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