Harbour Island – July 14th

14 Jul

Yesterday, we left Little Current in the afternoon. We had finished all of our grocery shopping and laundry, visited with the Lindsays and were ready to move on. We are now at Harbour Island – it is a small island right behind Clapperton Island. There is an abandoned resort on the island – I guess in the 50s, it was quite amazing and apparently John Wayne actually stayed there – or at least visited it on his boat called  “The Duke”.

Here are some pictures of the resort:

Abandoned resort - one of the outbuildings

Piano - a bit out of tune!

Steps leading up to the abandoned resort

























We noticed another boat anchored in the anchorage and it has a board attached to the swim ladder. We couldn’t figure out what purpose the board served until the lady came rowing up to the back of the boat with her dog – kind of a husky looking dog – and she spent a few minutes convincing it to use the board as a ramp. The dog eventually ran up the ramp and safely made it to the boat. Kind of neat although taking a big dog on a boat is a lot of extra work! I guess the alternative is to leave the poor thing in a kennel all summer, so this is a better solution – not everyone can have people stay at their house and dogsit the “guard beagle” Jodi!

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One response to “Harbour Island – July 14th

  1. Diane Henderson

    July 14, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    If I had enough supplies, and maybe some chickens or something, wonder if I could survive in the abandoned resort……….it looks a lot nicer than our house.


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