The Wind Instrument Arrived

30 Jul

After much delay, the Nexus wind instrument finally arrived today! Originally, it was supposed to go to Blind River but the delivery was unsuccessful, so then we arranged for it to go to our friend’s house in Sault Ste. Marie. Apparently, that too was unsuccessful so when I tracked it down, it was at the warehouse so I asked our friend Steve to pick it up. The warehouse was only open one hour a day – just for loading the trucks – and then it closed so luckily Steve called the dispatcher and arranged for it to be delivered. The driver had already been there but said that there was no such address (he read it wrong – Steve definitely lives there). Anyway, while Steve was talking to the dispatcher, he offered to stand on his front lawn and wave his arms to flag the truck down. Finally – success!

Steve dropped it off at the boat this morning and Dennis climbed the mast to install it. He had to go up twice – the first time, he couldn’t quite reach the top and had to come all the way down to adjust something on his climbing gear. The second time worked and he attached the wind instrument to the top of the mast and then dropped the wire down through it (actually tied it to a little string and I pulled it through). It was only about 100 degrees out! Here are a couple of pictures of him as well as a video. (Click this link for the video).




























After we finished installing the wind instrument, we had to fish the wire through the boat and this actually proved to be the more difficult task as it took forever to push the wire through all the little nooks and crannies to get it to the right place. Finally, that was done and then we discovered that we were missing a little tiny piece of plastic that gives it power. This little piece might be at home. At any rate, we don’t have it so we still don’t know the speed of the wind!


One response to “The Wind Instrument Arrived

  1. Diane Henderson

    August 1, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    How tall is that thing anyway? Looks very tall to me. Why doesn’t it sway side to side – does the weight of the boat keep it stable?


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