St. Ignace – Harbor Island – August 2 – 4

04 Aug

We left our anchorage of Government Island (that’s in the Cheneaux Islands) at 7:00 and motored over to St. Ignace. We just made it in on time – then we got a wicked rainstorm which cleaned all the bugs off the boat. The weather cleared up fairly quickly and we checked out the town. St. Ignace is a nice change from Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island as it is not very busy or crawling with tourists. There is an adequate grocery store and a few nice restaurants (we went out for lunch and I had the “big salad”).

In the afternoon, Sharon and I beat Dennis and Jim at euchre as I have finally learned the secret to winning. I have to sit to Dennis’ right, so that I call on anything and don’t give him a chance. This is his strategy, and it always works, so I tried it and we beat them soundly!

We were going to go to Cheboygan the following day but the weather was still very unsettled so we unpacked our bikes (first time for Dennis) and took the ferry over to Mackinac Island. We did the “Tour de Mackinac” (Dennis went once around and had enough while I took a few more laps). I think we have had our fill of Mackinac now for several more years. Great place to visit but September would probably be better there when the tourists go home.

We have a new pet on board – a little tiny toad stowed away under a bunch of lines and I tried to catch and put him ashore, but he evaded me and is now hiding somewhere. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll find some bugs to eat – they seem to be plentiful today on our way over to Harbor Island. That’s all the news for today.

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One response to “St. Ignace – Harbor Island – August 2 – 4

  1. Diane

    August 7, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Like your new pet! When we first moved here there were toads everywhere. They disappeared for a few years but are back this year – they are hopping all over the place and are noisy at night (I think the peeping is from them). I walked Willie quite late last night and there was a big toad on the road. I kind of pushed him over to the side so he wouldn’t get run over but when we came back from the walk he was flattened. Snakes and toads hang out on the road – I wonder if it is because the ashphalt heats up and it is nice to lie on – dangerous though!


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