Logan’s Bay – Clapperton Island – August 8 to 10

10 Aug

We left Gore Bay on August 8th to go overnight to Logan’s Bay. It is a nice anchorage that doesn’t have many people. We spent the day swimming, kayaking, fishing and relaxing in the sun. The weather forecast was not favourable for the next day and now on Day Three, we are still here. The winds are gusting to 30 knots an hour! Our anchor is holding though, so it is not so bad although the boat seems to be spinning around a lot.

We have managed to occupy ourselves very well in the past two days. Lots of kayaking because the anchorage is huge and fairly well protected, so we’ve practising going into the waves. That’s a lot of fun, especially because the water is so warm.

Dennis now has a new project – the water heater broke this morning so we are going to Little Current tomorrow to get it welded and he is spending the afternoon tearing apart the entire main cabin, trying to get at it.

Not much else is new – I am getting a lot of school work done today. All necessary and a good day to do it!

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