Winter Sailing – Not!

12 Nov

Well, it has been quite some time since I last wrote. Summer is definitely over and we are actually wondering why it hasn’t snowed considering it is November 12th. We’ve had some cold days and quite a few cold and rainy days, but no snow yet.

Dennis has been checking on the boat and has covered it up for winter as you can see from the picture below.

The boat is covered now for the winter

He spent a lot of time trying to tarp the boat properly before the snow actually sets in. He will have to go to the marina to check on it about once a week. He is also doing something with the batteries but I really don’t know what it is. I don’t think it is that exciting.

The good news is that Dennis is researching our next trip via Google Earth. He is checking out the route and all the marinas that we will have to stay at next year. For those of you who do not know what we are planning, we hope to take the boat from Georgian Bay, down to Sarnia, then through the St. Clair River, eventually get into Lake Erie and then head up to Lake Ontario. From there, we will start heading up the St. Lawrence and we hope to get to Quebec City by late August.

I already told my boss that I would be unavailable to organize the “Summer Institute” which is a series of PD workshops for teachers during the week before school starts. We are not sure how long it will take to get to Quebec City. Just as long as I am home for Labour Day weekend.

The trip should be an interesting one but it will most likely be very hot and there won’t be much swimming as we will have to stay in marinas for the majority of the trip. There are very few places to anchor in Lake Erie and in Lake Ontario. We will though, be able to go see the sights in Port Dover, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Burlington, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal and Quebec City. So, we will get lots of culture!

The following summer, we hope to start off at Quebec City and head up to the Gaspe Peninsula and eventually work our way to Prince Edward Island. That will be an undertaking! Once we get there though, it will be great! We will then hang around on PEI and work our way to Cape Breton. We want to go to the Red Shoe Pub and hear The Rankin Family sing. You never know – we might get lucky! We will then bring the boat to Halifax and keep it there over the winter. Not before going to The Split Crow though! We better get free drinks for all this effort of reaching the East Cost mecca!

The following year, we will bring the boat down the eastern seaboard. We would like to winter in the Caribbean – January 2015!

So, big plans – stay tuned!

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One response to “Winter Sailing – Not!

  1. Diane Henderson

    November 14, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    I can’t even plan how to get out of the driveway……………and just FYI – there isn’t much culture in Burlington.


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