July 10 – Pelee Island

10 Jul

We have officially been to the most southern point of Canada! We are anchored out on the west side of Pelee Island and are watching the sun go down. We left the Detroit River this morning and headed to toward Pelee Island with the cooling towers of the nuclear plant clearly visible for miles. It took us a long time to get those out of our sight. We sailed again today and it was great! It also kept Dennis occupied – he was constantly trimming the sails and making minor adjustments of lines and other nautical things. This was good for me because I like to listen to CBC’s Q from 10:00 until 11:30.

Last night, we met up with Rick and Michelle. Rick bought many of Dennis’ North Channel and Georgian Bay charts through Kijiji. He and Michelle are going up to the North Channel – leaving on Thursday – in their 25 foot C & C sailboat. They are very nice and we wish them the best of luck on their trip. I hope the weather is good for them!

On our way down the Detroit River, we saw some wildlife:

It must have been a good day for birds because as we went by a bald rock close to Pelee Island, we saw this colony of birds:


We got anchored safely and went swimming right away. According to the boat thermometer, the water temp is 31 degrees! It was quite warm but still very nice! The water is clean and there were many schools of tiny little fish around the boat.

We took the dinghy ashore and walked along the pebble beach. It was a bit painful on the feet but I didn’t complain (too much!). We walked almost to the end of the island – it has a sandbar at the end that had hundreds of seagulls.


We walked back through the forest area (on a path!) and saw all sorts of interesting vegetation that we don’t see in Parry Sound! The picture of the tree is neat because it looks like it is growing from both ends.


The forest is full of birds and mosquitoes (although the mosquitoes don’t bite unless you stop and admire the vegetation) and it was much cooler in the forest as compared to the beach.

We had another swim once we got back and are now getting ready for bed. Tomorrow, we go to Scudder Marine and will tour the island in search of Margaret Atwood!



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2 responses to “July 10 – Pelee Island

  1. Ernie and Denese

    July 11, 2012 at 5:54 am

    Hello Denis and Jane,
    It is good to see that you are under way and seeing lots of new things once again.
    We envie you and the weather that you have. Our summer in the Yukon has been the shits.
    Not as wet as we had last year but mostly cool and only 2 days of hot weather so far.
    I have been very busy with work again. I haven’t even seen my boat since last fall.
    If nothing else, I hope to get the motor fixed and have it ready for next summer.
    We are planning a holiday in Hawaii next February. I will plan a stop in Ontario then and possibly sooner. We hope that you have nice weather for your voyage and that the wind fills your sails.
    Bye for now . Ernie and Denese

  2. Diane

    July 11, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Pelee Island is very nice. I remember walking out on the point and then swimming back along the edge – the water was very clean compared to closer to shore. And the vegetation along the path was neat too – tropical almost. It would be neat to live there but in the winter you would be stranded for most of the time – I think they have to go in and out by plane.


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