August 3 – Gananoque

03 Aug

I think we are either getting way too relaxed or just plain stupid! This morning we set off and didn’t even realize that we had forgotten to pull up the dinghy. That wasn’t so bad but Dennis always ties it off in two places – bow and stern, so we were actually towing it sideways. Good for a laugh, that’s for sure!

We got to Gananoque quite early and had our tanks emptied (holding tanks) and filled (water). We couldn’t get to the shopper’s dock – it was full, so we decided to backtrack, anchor and take the dinghy to town. The trip was uneventful except that it was (is) so hot! We did the grocery shopping (this seems to take up a lot of our time) and staggered back to the dinghy and then to the boat. I did take a few pictures of a girl fiddling (she’s a university student) and of the beautiful churches.




We swam for most of the afternoon and are sitting out now as it is getting dark. Might have one more swim before we turn in. Tomorrow is supposed to be 35 degrees, so we will most likely be doing a lot of swimming further up (or is it down?) the river.

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One response to “August 3 – Gananoque

  1. diane

    August 4, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    I am so jealous about the swimming….it is so hot here…..maybe I should go find a church basement somewhere….


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