August 13th – Montegue, PEI, August 14th – Pictou, NS

14 Aug

Yesterday, we headed off from Wood Islands to Montague intending to stay for a couple of days but the weather report did not look very favourable for traveling to Pictou, so we only stayed one night as I didn’t want to be going against a 30 knot wind for an entire day. I know, pretty wimpy…

Montegue has many mussel farms along the river. Here are a couple of pictures of the machine that is used to harvest them:



As we went down the river, we spotted Glen’s favourite boat the Sandpiper (well, Dennis spotted it – I wouldn’t have recognized it from a ferry boat!). Here is a picture of it but I am fully expecting Glen to post a comment! 😉


We left Montegue at about 10 this morning and saw quite a few seals. They are actually quite annoying because you can see them pop their heads out of the water and check things out for quite some time. They seem to like swimming on their backs and generally have a good time until you have the camera finally zoomed in enough. Then, they duck under and resurface several minutes later in the distance. This is the only picture I got of one:


We arrived in Pictou and checked it out. It looks very nice and there seems to be a lot to do. I managed to finally get Dennis to see the error of his ways after he spent some time in the stocks.


The pipers were out tonight – here is a photo of them:


I also took a video of them:

This is a picture of the sky just before we got back to the boat!


That is it for tonight!


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2 responses to “August 13th – Montegue, PEI, August 14th – Pictou, NS

  1. glen

    August 15, 2013 at 8:30 am

    Multiple Pipers in Pictou, I said, then realized you were in Montague. Multiple Pipers in Montague doesn’t work. So much for alliteration. Glad you spotted one anyway. Smooth sailing, Glen : )
    PS Is Dennis out of the stocks yet?

  2. Wezie

    August 15, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Sure glad I’m not a mussel (always something for which to be grateful!) That’s one formidable looking collecting machine.
    Surely you knew that seals have wonderful senses of humour.
    Enjoy your weekend. 26 degrees and sunshine predicted for here.


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