July 11th, 12th – Borden-Carleton to Summerside

12 Jul

We anchored at Borden-Carleton on Thursday night. We didn’t didn’t get off the boat to look around because of the tide and the windy conditions. Last year, we dinghied ashore at high tide, left the boat on the beach and when we came back, we (as in Dennis) had to drag the boat in the PEI red muddy sand forever to get it floating back in the water. So, this year, with the winds being up, we just stayed on board.

We got the anchor up without a problem and headed under the bridge. Here are a few shots of Borden-Carleton and the bridge – it is very impressive from the water. If you want to learn more about the bridge, click on this link.

Confederation Bridge


We arrived in Summerside with no problem and were tied up by 11:00. After Dennis cleaned off all the salt from the boat, we went for a walk along the boardwalk.

Summerside seems to have a lot to do. There is a Farmers’ Market every Saturday, harness racing, The Ballad of Stompin’ Tom, concerts in the summer by the College of Piping, and all sorts of events happening such as the LobsterFest which takes place next week.

After our walk, I went for a bike ride and rode along the boardwalk. There is a 7 km boardwalk along the waterfront. As I was returning to the boat, these two girls stopped me and asked if they could talk to me. (Hmm… well I really didn’t have that much planned for the rest of the afternoon, so what the heck!) They introduced themselves as missionaries from the Church of Latter-Day Saints. They were very nice and I learned that they were on PEI for 18 months. One was from Edmonton and the other was from Idaho. I asked them if I could take their picture for the blog (I really didn’t have much exciting news so…) so here is their picture as well as the Summerside harbour at low tide. If you look closely, you can see people way out in the distance – they were able to walk out there.

Summerside - July 11


That’s all the exciting news for now. We are heading out to the Farmers’ Market.

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One response to “July 11th, 12th – Borden-Carleton to Summerside

  1. Deanna

    July 12, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Summerside is beautiful, Jane. We attended a concert there which was performed by the students of the piping college…just excellent.
    Looks like great weather. We’ve actually had a few nice days here as well.


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