June 12th, 2015 – A PEI Lobster Dinner

12 Jun

Well, we cooked up our first PEI lobster dinner tonight. We have had lobster before, Dennis especially, since he lived on the east coast for nine years but this was the first time we actually cooked it ourselves on PEI. I wonder if that makes us islanders now?

Peter, the guy who runs the travel-lift for putting the boats in the water, brought us over four lobster after he had finished fishing this morning, so they were good and fresh. We had lots of advice from a variety of people on how to cook them but we decided to follow Peter’s recipe and use salt water and simply cook them for about twenty minutes.

They were pretty good to eat, I have to say! A bit of work though. Dennis had to use his giant set of pliers (that’s all he had on the boat) to crack the shells. Luckily, he knew what he was doing and we were able to have a good meal.

Here are a few photos:

uncooked lobster

cooked lobster

Dennis using his pliers

That’s about all the excitement that we had today. We spent the day getting the boat ready to go tomorrow. It is looking pretty good and if the weather is good, we’ll be leaving at about 5:00 am for Wood Islands where we will stay the night. 

If you’re interested in an excellent podcast about fishing, CBC Ideas has one called, “The Mortal Sea”. It is really interesting and well worth a listen.

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One response to “June 12th, 2015 – A PEI Lobster Dinner

  1. david

    June 12, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Not yet, we have some other stuff to do yet!!


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