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August 3rd, 4th – Ballantyne’s Cove – Port Hawkesbury

So, now that we are travelling and heading toward the Bras d’Or Lakes, I seem to be lagging behind on the blog. There’s a lot to see and do so my entries may get shorter and shorter!

Yesterday, we left Woods Island in the morning and motored over to Nova Scotia. During the “voyage”, we saw many seals, dolphins and a pod of whales. I tried so hard to get good pictures but they were just too far away. I could see them really well with the binoculars, but as soon as I positioned my camera, everybody seemed to take cover under water! This went on for at least half an hour so I was quite disappointed to only get a head shot of a seal.

We arrived at Ballantyne’s Cove and promptly went to the beach for a swim as it was really hot out. The water was perfect! We basically floated around until we cooled off – it was so nice. Then, I decided that I needed a good, brisk walk and headed up the road. Nova Scotia appears to be quite a bit more hilly than Prince Edward Island – yikes! It was a good walk and the view of the ocean and the rocky shoreline was spectacular.

Here are a few pictures – one of the seal, the other two of the scenery around Ballantyne’s Cove and the final one of Jackson, the three legged dog.

Photo 54

Today, we headed across the bay and went through the Canso Causeway locks. Just before we went through the locks though, we spotted an entire pod of whales feeding. There were four or five different groups with three or four whales in each group. We were able to get some good pictures and some video.

Photo 62



We locked through without incident and are now tied up in Port Hawkesbury. There is a 50 foot catamaran from New Zealand beside us but the boat is empty – apparently the people have left for a week. I would have liked to see the inside of that boat!

Photo 66

That’s all the news for now – we are heading to St. Peter’s tomorrow and will most likely anchor the next day. Of course, Hurricane Bertha is supposed to make an appearance, so we will have to tuck in somewhere.


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