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August 15 – Trois Rivieres

We have withdrawal symptoms – no poutine, crepes, street performers or shopping. We are at the Trois Rivieres Marina and although it is a typical marina, we miss being right in the heart of a big city. Oh well, tomorrow we should be in Quebec. We have to leave very early – 8 hours before low tide otherwise we will be going against the current and it will take us forever to get there. We should arrive in Quebec at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

So, today was uneventful. We left at 7:30 and raced down the river for the first few kilometres. The other day, when we were going against the current, our speed was down to 2 knots. This morning’s speed was 11 knots!

We saw many beautiful villages along the river – the church steeples are visible from the water. Before everyone had GPS, the boats would count the church steeples along the way as a point of navigation.

We saw a very interesting ocean boat. Dennis thought that it was from France, carrying windmill blades.


We didn’t see much else – it was quite a nice, lazy day. (We needed time to recover from the Bixi bike Mount Royal expedition!).

Here is a shot of what this afternoon looked like.


When we arrived at Trois Rivieres, we walked around and ended up in the boater’s “bone yard”. Needless to say, Dennis was quite happy with his find!

It is on a trailer, so maybe he can pick it up when he gets the other boat that he bought (the one with moss growing in it in Kingston).

Anyway, that is all the news for today. One more day and we will reach our destination!


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