The Split Crow Is In The Water

15 May

The Split Crow was launched on Thursday! Lots of work to do still though but Dennis has been working nonstop repairing and replacing a variety of things. The cabin is still pretty much torn apart and we are still waiting for most of the seat cushions, but progress is being made. The new t.v. was installed and it looks great! Of course, we immediately began watching an episode of Seinfeld…

Today’s problem was the windlass – it didn’t want to work! Then we remembered that the engine had to be running first before it would do anything. That happened once last year too and we were quite relieved when we figured it out.

We put the boom on – wow! Is it ever heavy!! Good grief – I’d hate for that thing to swing by and hit someone in the head! Tomorrow, the weather should cooperate, so maybe we’ll (who me?) do some polishing. That appears to be an activity preferred by these sailor type people!

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