July 3 – Regatta Bay to Covered Portage Cove

04 Jul

July 3rd – Regatta Bay to Covered Portage Cove

We left at 5:30 this morning from Regatta Bay, knowing that it would be a long way to Killarney. We were right! The wind was already up (not that we could tell the speed) but there was definite wave activity on the lake. We had our coffees underway and that was the last bit of nourishment we had for most of the day. The sky was bright blue and the weather very promising, but there was quite a swell. We were able to sail almost immediately – very unusual for going to Killarney. Usually we end up in a big storm, or horrible winds, or sometimes we get no wind at all! Today was the exception so we persevered through the swell for the entire day. Needless to say, even Dennis wasn’t feeling very good but he managed to keep the boat going. I, unfortunately, spent most of the day lying down, huddled in the cockpit, trying not to get sick. Of course, had I gotten sick, I probably would have felt much better, but I didn’t.
We got to Killarney at 4:30 and just kept going because we wanted to get to Covered (or as our friend Bruce says) Crowded Portage Cove. It was quite full but we are nicely anchored in a safe place. We had a nice swim and some supper – nothing too exciting, and are now ready for bed. Tomorrow, we are heading into Killarney for fish and chips so I want to be ready!


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