July 4 – Covered Portage Cove to Heywood Island

05 Jul

Covered Portage Cove is a beautiful anchorage. The weather was excellent and the water was actually warm enough to go swimming. I tried out my wetsuit and enjoyed at good long swim. Dennis went fishing but did not catch anything. We decided to go back to Killarney for fish and chips lunch. It was like Grand Central Station! We eventually found a place to dock right outside of the liquor store. Dennis is very good at docking and managed to almost parallel park in the little spot. I asked some tourists to catch the lines and they did but they didn’t pull on them, so we had a minor mishap. All I can say is that the old ramshackle shed is a bit more ramshackled now!

After a good lunch, we headed out to Heywood Island. The trip was uneventful except that we forgot to properly secure the boat, so when a powerboat whizzed past us, leaving a huge wake, everything down below crashed all over the place.

We arrived at Heywood and found a good anchorage. There were a lot of boats but the best boat was another Hunter 42 Passage. We dingyied over after supper and had a great tour. The boat is older than ours but completely different. We enjoyed our visit with Bill (the owner of Rejuvenated) and invited him our our boat to compare notes. He was quite amazed at the differences between the two. We (as in Dennis and Bill) discussed the similar problems of each boat.

At 10:00, the mosquitoes came out with a vengenge! I closed everything up and we went to bed. There seemed to be quite a few in the aft cabin and we spent quite some time trying to get rid of them, and finally I left to go sleep in the forward bun, which is very cozy. Dennis said that he slept with the covers over his head all night and discovered that we had left a window wide open without the screen. Yikes! Anyway, there are dead mosquitoes all over the floor now, so I guess I’ll have to vacuum them up.

We will be heading for LIttle Current soon. We have to time the bridge opening so that we’re not circling for 45 minutes. Maybe this year we’ll get it right!

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