Clapperton Island

20 Jul

Yesterday, July 19th, we anchored at Harbour Island which is located beside Clapperton Island. It has an abandoned resort on it and was interesting to explore. There are several buildings, all falling apart but the furniture is still there, quite destroyed but all basically there. There were even two pianos – one was still playable even though it is ruined.
The island is actually for sale – $499,000 and is being sold by Gerhardt Real Estate in Parry Sound.

This is a good place to go kayaking – I went around the island a few times while Dennis went fishing. He caught his first fish but let it go. There are pictures to prove it and I will upload them later on in the week when we get wifi again.

I lost my kayak paddle in the wind and you would think that it would have been easy to find but it was not. So, now I will have to find a new one.

I would highly recommend this anchorage – very large and peaceful. If you do go ashore to look at the resort, you should wear long pants, preferably jeans. I wore my stretchy pants and they became covered with burrs!

We are now in the Benjamins, anchored out in the middle. We’ve been snorkelling. Very interesting as there are so many boulders and rock shelves. In one area, it was two feet deep and then suddenly there was a thirty foot cliff going straight down.

It is a very warm day and the water temperature is 27 – that is the hottest it has been so far. Tomorrow we may go to Sturgeons Bay or maybe the Fox Islands. We will eventually have to go to Little Current to buy fresh produce but we’re good for a few days still.

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  1. Tim Wilson

    June 22, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    I greeted visitors to Harbour Island in the 70s. I played old 78s and everyone danced in the lodge. We had a huge party with the crew of a 3 mast schooner from Newfoundland that pulled in. I was there for several weeks visiting a girlfriend who worked there. A very fond part of my life


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