La Cloche Provincial Park – July 21st

23 Jul

Old Pink has an update…

After leaving The Benjamins (quite a relief – very crowded! There were 42 boats in the anchorage), we decided to find a new place, a bit more off the beaten path, that was within striking distance of Little Current. We motored through the rock and shoals and totally relied on the GPS chart plotter in order to  get to our destination. As we came into the anchorage, Dennis spotted two deer near the water – a doe and a fawn. The fawn was having a great time playing around in the weeds. When they spotted us, they left.

This anchorage was excellent. There were no other boats (except for the people we are traveling with). There was a nice long sandy bottom (no beach) from the shore that stretched out for a hundred feet or more. The La Cloche Mountains were on one side and a bunch of round rocky outcrops on the other. We were well protected.

I saw another bald eagle flying overhead. We had already seen on on Clapperton (maybe it was the same one) the other day. That was it for the wildlife though. There were only one or two blueberries to eat when we went ashore, so that pretty much ruled out seeing a bear.

The whole afternoon was windy but sunny. At 5:00 though, the weather suddenly changed and we got a half hour thunderstorm. The Johnson’s were on our boat and just before the rain started in earnest, they took off for their own boat. It was a good thing as their anchor had dragged quite a bit.

After the storm passed, we had supper and then finally watched “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. It was ok even though it had the English subtitles.

The next morning, we motored out to Little Current. Dennis and I were obviously not paying close attention though because on the shore (about a kilometre from where we were anchored), there were several canoes and tents. The people were all in the water and nobody had a stitch of clothing on! Jim and Sharon noted this when we stopped in Little Current.

We are now in Little Current and will stay until tomorrow. The weather has turned quite bad and it looks like a rainy day. It’s a good day for grocery shopping.

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