Club Island – July 25th

26 Jul

We left Heywood Island this morning at 7:30 and had an uneventful day sailing along Manitoulin Island. We have officially left the North Channel and are now in Georgian Bay! The sailing today was ok – nothing dramatic – just light winds, so we “motor sailed” (sails out but motor still on). We arrived at Club Island at 1:30. The water is a beautiful turquoise colour and if I could photoshop out the pine trees and toss in a few palm trees, it would look like the Caribbean. The anchorage was deserted and we wondered why nobody was there with us, but speculated that it is a bit off the beaten path. Most people stay in the North Channel and stick to the well known places but after The Benjamins (with 42 boats, jet skis, dinghies, dogs, and kayaks racing around), we felt that we needed to look for some quieter places. We will definitely return here as it is so quiet and deserted.

We went snorkelling and noticed that you can see to the bottom in 20 feet of water because it was so clear. The bottom is sand and a few boulders here and there. We will explore more tomorrow. I have to say that having the wet suits was an excellent idea because we swam for a good half hour without getting cold.

We also went ashore and looked around at the interesting rocks. There are quite a few with holes in them – fossils maybe? We decided to take one for home and it is now sitting in the dinghy.

So, in all, I would recommend this anchorage. When I find wifi (probably in Tobermory), I will upload some pictures. In the meantime, we are going to stay an extra day here and poke around with the kayak and snorkels.

Next stop is Tobermory (Tuesday).

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