Pics from Tobermory

27 Jul

Old Pink has been updated!

Tobermory is a very busy place! Boats are rafted all over the place (including us). Tour boats, kayaks, sea-doos, and tourists all in one very congested area. Lots of fun! We are waiting out the weather. Currently the winds are strong and a storm passed through last night so we want to wait for a while and see if things settle down.

We are rafted onto the sailing vessel Somewhere (the people we’ve been traveling with). Yesterday was an absolute zoo coming in. We had to circle in the harbour for an hour while the harbourmaster jockeyed the boats around. Little Tub Harbour has a policy that they don’t turn anyone away, so because of the predicted bad weather, everyone was coming in. Boats were piled up three deep in some cases. One sailboat had to back into a very narrow spot and tie up to the fishing boat. I was impressed with the his skill!

Tobermory has many little shops – nothing too practical except for the exceptional grocery store, so I think I will go shopping later on if we are not leaving for a while.

Nothing new and exciting to report!


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