Nexus Wireless Wind Instrument – Part Two

02 Apr


Our Nexus wind instrument 😦

After two years of having very poor performance of our Nexus wireless wind instrument, and many phone calls, emails and sending the instrument to various places to be repaired, the company has finally confessed that there were problems with the first models (which apparently we own – of course!). So, we are now (hopefully) exchanging this model for a wired Nexus wind instrument. The gentleman we are dealing with said that he just had to finalize details and would send us a new one. Now, that is absolutely wonderful but we have learned our lesson! Also, we are out over $1000 for shipping and buying parts for the instrument, but I guess we can’t do much about that.

I also emailed the Nexus company in Sweden, and they too admitted that they had problems with the earlier products.

Here’s what they said:

Hello Jane,

I’m so sorry for all your problems you had with our products.

I don’t know which version you have/ had. We had some issue when we first
released the product. There were issue with charging the battery, radio
strength. And we also have some units were the radio broke down close to a
lightning strike. We have done some improvements on our latest version of
the wireless wind transducer. We have fixed with a new version charging
issue, radio strength and added an overcharge protection (lightning strike).

We are happy to replace your wireless transducer to a wired transducer. We
can send it directly from Sweden.

Please let me know if Fogh Marine is able to help you otherwise we will deal
with it from Sweden.

So, I wonder how much it will cost to send the Nexus to Sweden? Hopefully, we won’t have to find out!

Stay tuned for Part Three of the Nexus saga…


One response to “Nexus Wireless Wind Instrument – Part Two

  1. Peter Boone

    September 21, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    I continue to be referred to contact Dick Booth In FL for nexus repair. I have been calling for more than a year with no success. My masthead unit is now in the backseat of my car waiting…waiting…waiting. Anybody had experience with the wireless units? I am a little afraid of nexus in general.


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