April 2011 – Uncovering Split Crow

10 Apr

Uncovering Split Crow - April 2011

We have had a very long winter – unusually cold temperatures. Finally, on April 8th, Dennis went out to the marina and uncovered the Split Crow. He spend all day taking the tarps off, putting up the canvas and generally getting things ready. Of course, it was a beautiful day, so he didn’t mind at all. He spend a good part of yesterday (April 9th) getting the boat back in order too. He put the interior back together and completed a bunch of tasks that needed doing inside.

Dennis also spent a lot of time cleaning deck of the boat. He polished and cleaned and made it look great!

Dennis cleaned the sliding hatch

He took the sliding hatch apart (this has the solar panel on it) and cleaned up ten years of disgusting dirt.

I arrived just in time – he was all done! All I did was take a few pictures and then give him instructions as to what I wanted done before we go away for the summer. This year, we really don’t have many major projects but I do want a switch installed near the shower that runs the sump pump. We have a very high quality pump (it’s the third replacement so we bought a good one) but it is very noisy and the switch to turn it on and off is way over near the nav station, so I have to turn the switch on, then run over to the shower and as soon as I’ve done the shower, the noise of the pump just about drives me off the deep end, so before I even towel myself off, I have to run back to the switch while I’m dripping wet and turn it off. So, Dennis is going to put another switch right outside the shower.

Another thing I would like is a good place to store the fresh fruit and vegetables. Last year, I kept them in a bin under the bed in the forward cabin and I may have to do that again, but I would prefer an alternate storage container. If there are any other Hunter 420 Passage owners out there who have figured this out, please let me know. I am open to suggestions!

There are a few other little things that need to be done, but basically, we are waiting for the ice to melt from the bay so that we can launch the boat! Hopefully before the May long weekend but we’ll see – spring is a couple of weeks behind this year.


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