A Reluctant Sailor’s Voyage from Georgian Bay to Mobile, Alabama

23 Apr
A Reluctant Sailor’s Voyage from Georgian Bay to Mobile, Alabama

Hetare in Manistee after our first major mishap

Thanks to my good friend Jo Scott, my account of our trip from Georgian Bay to Mobile, Alabama in our 27 foot Halman Horizon, is all done and ready for reading! I kept a log of the trip and when I got back home, I turned it into a story. The reason I did that was because I read someone else’s account of the same route – The Other Way South. The book was very informative and really helped me understand what we were going to encounter on our way. I thought that my story would do the same.

Anyway, I remember writing the story on my Mac LC III in ClarisWorks and saving it on a 3 1/2 inch floppy. Luckily, I printed it out because my computer eventually got replaced by a PC  and I kind of put the whole story on the back burner for several years as we took up other interests and didn’t do any sailing for a while.

When we took up sailing again, I thought that writing a blog would be great way of keeping track of our adventures on our new boat – The Split Crow. I also wanted to include our adventures on Hetarae (the 27 foot Halman Horizon).

Wrench attached to our anchor - Beardstown, Illinois

So, the story is done and now it is uploaded onto the blog. I also just created an ePub book so that it can be read on an iPad or Kobo or Nook, so if you would prefer to read it on an ereader, I would be happy to send you a copy.

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