Another Turtle Adventure, No Nexus Wind Instrument

25 Jun

We spent a good part of today provisioning the boat – I think it is almost ready to go. It seems to be a bit lower in the water, but we are prepared for anything! Of course, I always think that and we always, always forget something. One year, we had no cash (that was before banking machines, so it was a bit of a pain). Another year, we forgot the coffee and had to make detour into Britt and stop at Buissons to get their coffee – it was terrible but it had cafeine in it! I wonder what we’ll forget this year…

On the way home, we spotted another snapping turtle and Dennis, being the kind person that he is, brought it over to the other side of the road onto the gravel. If you’d like to see this heartwarming video, click on this link. We seem to be meeting quite a few turtles lately.

We are still having trouble with our Nexus wind instrument that we bought THREE YEARS ago at Fogh Marine. They now have the instrument and are apparently waiting on a code or something. Dennis has emailed them several times as well as calling them and they aren’t very good about speaking to us. We ended up having to email Marten Fogh and he suggested that we speak with Peter, who does not speak to Dennis anymore. He had someone else speak to him briefly today. Needless to say, it is too late to do much now as we are leaving, but we will be contacting our lawyer when we get back. Not impressed with the way Fogh Marine is doing business with us. It would be easier and less stressful to burn our money instead of dealing with them. That is unfortunate since we are spending a lot of money these days on the boat and would like to deal with a company that will at least return our calls.

Other than that, we are all set to go. Dennis is leaving tomorrow. His crew consists of Glen and Nick – that will be an interesting four days! They are coming back on Friday and then we will change crews. I will be finally finished school, so I will get to go!

Our house is being looked after by Gabor – a friend – who has kindly agreed to look after Jodi, the guard beagle who is about a hundred in dog years! I think he’ll enjoy himself and we feel safe having someone in the house.

Stay tuned for more adventures – they might include another turtle!

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