Rope Burn, Progress on the Nexus Wind Instrument

30 Jun

I am writing this from the shores of Georgian Bay as the captain left on “our” trip almost a week ago with a different crew. Nick and Glen (see the photos) were up for an adventure and as I still had to work, it seemed like a good idea.

Glen - what more needs to be said?

The "heir" to the SplitCrow (and the marina fees!)

The Split Crow set sail last Sunday and anchored at Regatta Bay. They wanted to get an early start in the morning so that they could go to Wingfield Basin. They then went to Killarney for fish and chips, and then (because of my miscommunication), they retraced their steps to arrive at Club Island where they met up with Jim and Sharon. Conditions to Club Island were less than favourable – high winds and very cold temperatures. I watched them on the Spot since I felt very responsible for this mixup. They arrived safely though and hunkered down for the night although Dennis said that it was windy all night and Club Island is not the best refuge during high winds.

The next day, they sailed back to Wingfield Basin and Nick sailed the whole way and did a good job – according the captain.

Today, they dropped Nick off at Killbear Marina – he had go back to work and then Dennis and Glen moved on to Killbear Park where they met up with Sharon and Jim again. At 3:30 (that’s when I officially finished work), I drove to the park and saw both boats anchored. So, with Jodi in tow (the trusty beagle), we paced up and down the beach, waving, shouting, and trying to get their attention. I could see everyone lounging on the boat, could hear them laughing and generally having a great time, and could not believe that they could not see me. Everyone else saw me – I even had some helpers – whistling and waving, but no, the Split Crow crew did not see me. Finally, a guy in his dinghy came over and I asked him to go and knock on the boat for me. He did so and after a five minute conversation, I finally got a reaction. Dennis slowly rowed over – with the garbage! He staggered off the boat and looked exhausted! He even said he was exhausted (and for him to admit that, he must have been!). Then he showed me his hand! Pain!! His fingers were all rope burnt. I didn’t get a chance to ask any details but his hand looks terrible!

Anyway, they will be coming in to Parry Sound tomorrow and the crew will change. Obviously, somebody needs to take charge!

Speaking of taking charge, I think I may have finally, finally resolved the Nexus wind instrument problem – the fact that ours broke under warranty three years ago and now we have nothing. I emailed Nexus in Sweden and they have been most helpful speeding up this process. So, I am now having regular correspondence with them and also with Fogh Marine. I am hopeful that we will have a working wind instrument on the boat within the next two weeks. Stay tuned – this is probably not over yet!

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