Canada Day Weekend – Parry Sound

03 Jul

Dennis arrived at Bob’s Point (Big Sound Marina) on June 30th at 9:30 in the morning. He, Glen and Nick had been anchored at Killbear Park and motored into Parry Sound for the crew change. It took quite a bit of the morning for me to bring all my stuff on board, but eventually I managed to find a spot for all of it on the boat. The boat was pretty ship-shape – Dennis had spent a lot of time cleaning the millions of bugs off of it!

It was a hot, sunny day – perfect for Canada Day and we spent the afternoon getting organized and then did some swimming. The water temperature was reasonable. According to Dennis, the water is really cold everywhere else, but I have hopes that it will warm up.

Quite a few people came by the boat in the evening – Jane and Thom, Lynn and Bill as well as Jo, Glen, AJ, Hamish and Callan. We enjoyed the fireworks display – it was was well done!

Yesterday, (July 2nd) – Dennis spent a good part of the day fixing the generator. It would only run for ten minutes and then it shut itself off. Good thing he is mechanically inclined! He eventually found the problem – a corroded sensor so now he’ll have to find the part for it.

Nick arrived for quick visit, and it was nice to see him. He survived the five day trip with his dad and Glen! He did mention that he spotted a rattlesnake on Club Island – he was walking through the bushes and came upon one.

We still had the car, so Sharon, Jim and I went grocery shopping at 1:00. That was a bit of a mistake! Sobey’s was packed full of people! We did manage to buy our groceries though but I spoke to Taylor (a girl who was bagging the groceries) and she said that Friday was even busier and that customers were lined up to the freezers (which are at the back of the store!).

We had Gabor and Jerry for supper (they are staying at the house while we’re gone). It was very nice and the sunset was spectacular! Check out the photos!

We will be heading to Killbear today and then over towards Tobermory tomorrow.

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