Squaw Island – July 8

08 Jul

I am not sure who named these islands but a little more imagination is in order. Club Island, Squaw Island, Little Squaw Island… This island (Squaw Island) is really neat! Except for getting into the anchorage, it is perfect! There is only seven feet of water in the entrance, so we definitely picked a good day to explore – as it is quite calm. I wouldn’t dare try to approach the island on a windy day – we’d be dashed up onto the rocks in no time! At any rate, we made it in with no problems.

The best part about this island is that there is nobody here! We have the entire anchorage to ourselves. Very nice – I think I am part hermit as I sure do like my solitude! I got a ton of reading in – I am reading “The King’s Speech” on my Kobo. It is a library book and after two weeks, it expires. There is no overdue fine – the ebook just gets locked.

We did some exploring and I took some interesting pictures. Obviously with all the rock building going on, others must have been here before and had quite a lot of time on their hands.

Dennis also went fishing and he actually caught a fish the size of his finger! He tried for a couple of hours and had every lure he owned on the end of the line but he was not successful so we had ravioli for supper.

Tomorrow, we are off to Killarney – we have to stop and get some fuel, a pump out and get some more water. That should take about 20 minutes. My job, while Dennis is tending the boat, is to run down to the fish and chips place and get our treat! Since we may stay in “Crowded Portage Cove” for two nights, we may skip the fish and chips tomorrow and go back on Saturday. I will go in the kayak and at least I will earn my lunch!

Anyway, that is all the news for today!

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Posted by on July 8, 2011 in Sailing in Georgian Bay


One response to “Squaw Island – July 8

  1. Diane Henderson

    July 8, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    Your boat is bigger than our house! When you are done with it can I buy it? Would make a neat portable apartment!


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