Killarney, Covered Portage Cove – July 9th

09 Jul

Happy birthday to Nick! Nick turned 23 today. Over the years, he has spent quite a bit of time at our favourite anchorage – Covered Portage Cove, but unfortunately for him today, he has to work. Oh well, we do wish him a very happy birthday!

Our exit from Squaw Island was uneventful – we glided over 7 feet of water at one point but since it was calm, we weren’t too worried. That is definitely on my list for the trip back – so nice and quiet.

We passed through Killarney and stopped at the Sportsman Inn for fuel and water. I did manage to find a couple of minutes to buy the best cinnamon bun ever – it was delicious!  We will go back for fish and chips tomorrow. I will be kayaking – I think it is only a few kilometres, so no big deal. Dennis should row but I doubt that he will since he finally put the motor on the dinghy.

We are probably going to stay here for two days – there is almost nobody here, so it is nice and quiet. We went blueberry picking but did not find any – I am not sure if we are too early or if other boaters have already picked all the berries. There are lots of bushes but there is nothing on them. Oh well, we still have a few more places to go blueberry picking.

Today, Dennis finally caught a fish – it was about a foot long and I think it was a bass. He brought it back to the boat in a bucket, I took a picture and then he let it go. I guess we’re having spaghetti for supper (again…)

Also today, I tried the aqua – jogger – it is finally warm enough to swim for more than 20 seconds. At first, I didn’t think that I had a good workout, but now I am aching all over, so it must work! I swam (jogged I guess) for 45 minutes and although I didn’t go very far or fast, it must have done something as my legs are quite sore. So, I will definitely do that again.

I am enjoying all the new exercise equipment – the aqua – jogger and  the peddling kayak are my two favourite things, as well as having a GPS watch which shows my distance and speed. So, now I am getting plenty of exercise!

Nothing else happening today – we may listen to Randy Bachman on the CBC tonight – just like at home!


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One response to “Killarney, Covered Portage Cove – July 9th

  1. Diane Henderson

    July 9, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    What exactly is an “aqua-jogger”?


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