Gore Bay – July 18, 19

19 Jul

We are at the dock here in Gore Bay and the heat has been unbelievable! I don’t think we’ve ever had temperatures in the 30s for more than two or three days, so this takes some getting used to! Luckily the water is really nice, so I think we will spend a lot of time swimming! This reminds me of the time we were on our little boat going down the rivers and we stopped for a few days in Peoria, Illinois. Nick and I spent the entire day in the pool because of the heat! We went grocery shopping at 6:00 in the evening and I remember seeing the temperature posted as 96 degrees! This is much better here.

The stairs to get down into the boat broke – one of the steps was loose so Dennis had to take it to a body shop to be welded. Of course since we don’t have a car, he pushed it through town in a grocery cart! (See pictures below).

Gore Bay has new shower and laundry facilities – very nice, so we are taking advantage of it and doing the laundry. Nothing is really dirty but everything just feels damp from the humidity.

We also went grocery shopping and got the essentials but either we went at the wrong time (2:00 in the afternoon and we had to walk back in the heat!) or the store does not stock much. We were able to get some produce though and had the “big salad” for supper – it was delicious!

We are heading out to John Island and will anchor there today. Then, we are going to Blind River to hopefully pick up the wind meter (if it arrives). The Nexus representative has been very helpful and they are sending us a wired wind instrument. I am a bit skeptical though that this will work out but you never know!

Did I mention that Dennis won $50 in the lottery? He spent $40 though, getting the stairs fixed, so we’re only $10 ahead!

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One response to “Gore Bay – July 18, 19

  1. Sharon

    July 19, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    I love how resourceful Dennis is! We just talked to some people that arrived from Blind River. Apparently, they got beat up last night with the storms that skirted us. See you Friday!


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